Best Rifle Bags in 2018 – List From A Gun Enthusiast!

No matter what you use your firearm for, having one of the best rifle bags to transport you guns and accessories is a must. To keep transport safe, and your weapons up to snuff, finding an awesome rifle case will prove to be one of the most important investments  for you.

Comparisons on 10 Best Rifle Bags

Best Rifle Bags - Things to Consider

Storage Capacity:

Not every marksmen or hunter will need to transport an entire armada of weapons from point A to point B. Before deciding on a case to invest in, consider how many firearms, and what sort of accessories, you will be transporting on a regular basis.

Pick a case based on the amount of firearms it can transport safely and comfortably, and by the types of straps it provides.

For example, if you plan on transporting three or more firearms, you will need a model that has back straps. Otherwise, you risk being drained of all your energy by the transportation process alone.


Choosing a case with a tough material is essential to keeping your firearm secure and safe during transport. From nylon, to PVC, to stainless steel, each material has an advantage that serves a particular type of gun enthusiast.

The more secure and heavy-duty stainless steel type models, for example, may better serve firing range-centric marksmen. Hunters will be better served by a lightweight and water-resistant material such as nylon.

Before making an investment in a case, be sure the material is tailored toward your interest as a firearm enthusiast.

Common Material Types:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • PVC
  • Stainless Steel

Color Options:

While color options may seem like a somewhat meaningless choice at first, they are actually very important.

If you are simply transporting your firearm to a firing range, your color choice will not matter, however, hunters know that the color of any hunting accessory is of utmost importance. Depending on the area you are hunting, you will need to blend in as much as possible.

The coloring of your gear, and the scent you wear provide the best two guards against unwanted detection when hunting. By grabbing a camouflage, or tan pattern, you can more easily trick your game, allowing you to finally land that trophy animal.

Common Coloring Options:

  • Tan
  • Green
  • Black
  • Various Camouflage Patterns

Additional Considerations:

  • Brand Reputation
  • Water-Resistance
  • Price Tag
  • Length and Width

Top 10 Best Rifle Bags

1. NC Star Double Carbine Case

For an affordable rifle bag that will keep your firearm clean, safely stored, and stylish, the NC Star Double Carbine Case is one of the best choices available.

The classical design of the rifle bag is not only stylish, but highly practical, and comes in a wide variety of colors.

These colors are perfect for hunters, as they can help you blend into an environment when hunting skittish game. The handles are perfectly placed, allowing you to transport your firearm with ease.

Additionally, the bag has three separate pouches that are perfect for storing everything from bullets, to gun cleaning kits. If you need an all in one case model, you will be served well by the NC Star Double Carbine Case.

Feature At a Glance

  • 36" Double Carbine Case is constructed of heavy duty
  • PVC material and protects up to 2 carbine sized rifles
  • Extra PALS looping on each end allows you to customize your case for your specific needs
  • The secondary compartment is loaded with pockets to store extras

2. Condor Single Rifle Case 42"

Similar to the NC Star model, the Condor Single Rifle Case is perfect for the hunter or marksmen looking to safely transport their firearm.

While almost exactly the same design as the NC Star, the Condor Single Rifle Case does not provide nearly as many color options.

However, it does still offer three separate storage pouches: one modular utility pouch, and two modular mag pouches. Condor is a trusted brand, and provides a cheaper option than the NC Star case model.

If you want to keep yourself and your firearm safe between the firing range or hunting ground, this is an excellent rifle bag choice.

Feature At a Glance

  • First Compartment: 42" long to accommOliveDrabate most rifle,
  • M-16, AR-15, Mini-14...etc, with two hook
  • loop straps to secure weapon. - Second Compartment: 26" long
  • Two mOliveDrabular Mag

3. Voodoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case

Need a rifle case that can carry more than two guns?

The Voodoo Tactical soft case provides padding, storage space, and more that sets it apart from the single rifle carrying bag competition.

Given the 42” length, any compact firearm should fit snuggly into the Voodoo case.

With adjustable tie downs, comfort padding, and a tightly designed case, you will be hard pressed to find many rifle bags that are as secure as this Voodoo Tactical model. With black, tan, green, and multiple camouflage colorings available, you can also match the bag with your firing range or hunting ground wear.

Finally, the three pouches on the front of the bag keep your accessories safely and conveniently stored.

Feature At a Glance

  • Designed to carry two rifles
  • Holds six 30 round rifle mags and eight pistol mags
  • All rifle, pistol and mag pouch compartments have locking zipper pulls.

4. Condor Double Rifle Case 36”

For a slight downgrade that will save you money, the Condor Double Rifle Case is a great alternative to the Voodoo Tactical case.

Similar to the Voodoo model in almost every way, a few key features set them apart for the consumer. Firstly, the ¾” padding in the Condor model is even softer and firmer than its Voodoo counterpart.

Additionally, the Condor rifle bag features a removable padded center divider that opens up even more storage, which is useful for hunters and marksmen considering transporting a particularly bulky weapon.

Finally, the three outer pouches are equipped with state of the art YKK zippers, which helps guarantee that they will last for many years without needing to be replaced.

Feature At a Glance

  • Two modular magazine pouches
  • One modular utility pouch
  • Removable padded center divider
  • Hide away/Detachable padded backpack strap with sternum strap.
  • YKK zipper
  • 3/4" Padding

5. UTG Convert Homeland Security Gun Case

For a tough rifle bag that is used by the tough guys at homeland security, this UTG model is a stellar option for any firearm owner.

The mixture of comfort, style, security, and accessories combines to make one seriously solid rifle bag model.

With an outer shell made of extremely durable, and high-quality synthetic material, the UTG Convert Homeland Security Gun Case can handle carrying most weapon types.

The case’s elongated design is perfect for those looking to transport a single, high value firearm between firing ranges, hunting grounds, and more.

Although it does not have three separate storage pouches, the singular accessory package provides a ton of support for anything you need to bring along on your trip.

Feature At a Glance

  • Concealed Dual Rifle Storage
  • Huge Padded Front Pocket with 4 Elastic Loops - 22 x 10"
  • Three Deluxe Rifle Mag Pouches inside the Front Pocket

6. Explorer 3 Rifles Weapon Case (46” x 13.50-Inch)

The rifle bag with the most storage potential on our list, the Explorer 3 Rifles Weapon Case is a 46” model that can easily help you transport most of your armada in style.

Beautifully designed, and with a ton of different storage features, you will never be left confused about how you are going to get your firearms and accessories between the firing range or hunting ground.

Featuring both hand straps and back straps, you will be able to conveniently carry your weapon case around, no matter how heavy your load becomes. If you want the best rifle bag on the market, this may be the product to invest in.

Feature At a Glance

  • Heavy-duty double gun case
  • Ability to carry up to 3 rifles or shotguns and 4 pistols
  • Plenty of storage space for magazines, boxes of ammo and accessories
  • Carry with either handle, shoulder strap, or backpack style
  • Measures 46 x 13.5 Inch

7. Ranger 36 Double Rifle Case

Made from a stylish and durable rugged 600D PVC polyester construction, this case is one of the few choices on the list that is completely water resistant.

If you find yourself going on challenging hunting expeditions, this may be the case for you.

Given that you only need two firearms on your journey, this Ranger rifle bag model provides everything you need to keep you prepared during your hunt.

Using the three-pouch storage choice of other models on this list, keeping your accessories secured and organized is simple with the Ranger Double Rifle Case.

Feature At a Glance

  • Rugged 600D PVC polyester construction; Water resistant
  • Detachable backpack straps; EVA foam padded sides and internal center divider
  • Front Velcro ID panel;
  • Weapons are secured via internal Velcro keeper straps

8. Gen-X Double Tactical Rifle Case

Providing an excellent economical choice for a double rifle case, the Gen-X model gives you all the features of the Condor model for a slightly smaller price tag.

However, the model is not nearly as tightly designed, and some may even see it as downright lumpy.

Regardless of this drawback, the Gen-X Double Tactical Rifle Case is a great option for hunters and marksmen alike.

Featuring three storage pouches, that are slightly smaller than the completion, you can also store all the accessories you need for a successful shoot.

Feature At a Glance

  • Gen-X manufactures well made products at resonable prices
  • Molle attachment points for add-on packs
  • 44" length accommodates rifles to 42"
  • 3 outside pouches hold ammo and cleaning supplies
  • Padded Center divider keeps rifles safe during storage and transport
  • Heavy Duty stitching and zippers for durability

9. Bulldog Tactical Shotgun Case

Helping to finalize our list of the best rifle bag choices on the market, the Bulldog cases for shotguns and rifles are a simplified, and extremely affordable option for hunters and marksmen that simply need to transport their firearm from point A to point B.

Without the bulky outer pockets, the Bulldog Tactical Shotgun Case simply provides two smaller accessory pouches that keep your load light when transporting your gear.

One of the coolest features of this inexpensive case, however, is its water-resistant, heavy-duty, nylon outer shell.

Feature At a Glance

  • 1 3/4" total soft padding
  • Full-length, heavy-duty zipper with pull
  • Brushed Tricot, soft, scratch-resistant inner lining
  • Durable, extra heavy-duty Nylon, water-resistant outer shell

10. Bulldog Extreme Black Scoped Rifle Case

Similar to the Bulldog Tactical Shotgun Case, the Scoped Rifle Case from the brand provides an affordable, simplified design that is perfect for saving a few bucks.

Still providing excellent quality and accessory options to the consumer, this case gets rid of unnecessary heavy padding and bulky outer pockets to alleviate some weight off your shoulders.

This allows you to enjoy the simple pleasures of the firing range or hunting ground without dragging your whole armada along.

If you want an economical model for your scoped rifle that will not break the bank, you can’t do better than the Bulldog Extreme Black Scoped Rifle Case.

Feature At a Glance

  • Full-length zipper with pull
  • Zippered accessory pocket
  • Soft, fur inner lining for maximum protection
  • Fits guns up to 42"

Final Verdict

Two options on our best rifle bag list easily take the top spots: the Explorer 3 Rifles Weapon Case (46” x 13.50-Inch) and Ranger 36 Double Rifle Case – 36” Padded Long Gun Case & Rifle Storage Backpack models. For firearm enthusiasts who need to transport tons of firearms and accessories, there simply is no better choice than the extremely versatile Explorer rifle case.

Those who have more modest needs, however, will be best served by the water-resistant, and storage features heavy Ranger model. Ultimately, your decision should be based on your needs as a marksmen or hunter. In fact, some may even find the extremely economical Bulldog cases serve them just fine.

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