10 Best Rifle Laser in 2018 – Top Picks For Any Price Point

A quality rifle laser has the ability to significantly improve the accuracy of experienced hunters and marksmen. They would love to add this hunting accessories in their list. With many different types of products, with various features, to choose from, knowing which product will be best rifle laser and serve your needs.

Thankfully, I have put together this amazing guide to help you find the right fit for your firearm needs.

By considering everything from laser color, to adjustment features, I have found the top ten products that will get you the most bang for your buck on today’s market.

Comparison on 10 Best Rifle Laser

Best Rifle Laser in 2018 - Things to Consider

Laser Type:

The laser is perhaps the first thing you will notice when checking out any of the models on our list. Usually, rifle lasers come in either a green or red variety.

However, some models will provide users with the useful choice to switch between the two. Depending on the environment you are shooting in, you will want one of the two choices.

Green lasers are perfect for low light environments, will red lasers cover most other atmospheres.

If at all possible, it is advisable to get a laser setup with both laser types, to ensure you have maximum accuracy in every situation.

Common Laser Types:

  • Red
  • Green

Fit Type:

There are many amazing rifle laser models on the market today, and the price tags of models are extremely competitive.

Due to this, choosing the right model becomes difficult. However, simply looking at the types of firearms a model can fit onto reliably will eliminate a good portion of the competition. Some models will be primarily meant for pistols, others for shotguns, and most for rifles.

Additionally, compact models further complicate this important feature. Before making an investment in a rifle laser model, be sure to check manufacturer notes to ensure it is compatible with the firearm you want to use it with.

Adjustment Features:

Different environments require unique approaches to shooting. Everything from wind, to weather, to light can affect the accuracy of a rifle laser sight.

Thankfully, many models come with adjustment features that allow you to change important features such as windage and elevation readings.

Without this feature, you will have a much less accurate product, and will be practically throwing your money out the window.

Additional Considerations:

  • Brand Name
  • Price Tag
  • Scope Size
  • Durability
  • Build Material

10 Best Rifle Laser Reviews

1. Ade Advanced Optics Adjusted Rifle Scope Sight 

Known for their highly accurate laser sights, Ade Advanced Optics has been helping hunters and marksmen up their game for many years.

This excellent rifle laser model provides a 1mw output, with completely adjustable windage and elevation features.

The laser provides superb visual laser optics, thanks to the company’s advanced laser technology.

Whether you are in harsh light, or a deep dark forest, this rifle laser will create a highly visible laser, ensuring you reach your target effectively.

Hunters looking for the most bang for their buck will find a lot to love about the Ade Advanced Optics model. This product will last you for many years to come.

Feature At a Glance

  • Output: 1mw Length: 4.7''
  • Tube Diameter: 1'' Laser Wavelength: 532nm
  • Advanced laser optics give a superb laser sight
  • Adjustable windage and elevation

2. Vokul Hot Tactical Red Laser Beam Dot Sight

One of the most affordable rifle lasers on our list, the Vokul Hot Tactical model provides the basics for hunters and marksmen on a budget.

With a max output of just under 5mw, and a wavelength of 835-655nm.

The range of this laser will serve most firearm enthusiasts perfectly fine.

However, if you hunt in particularly long range environments, you may want to with a different model.

This fantastic model comes with two mounts, and three replacement batteries. Considering the low price of the product, the features it comes with make the Vokul Hot Tactical model a great deal.

Always be sure to check manufacturer details, however, to ensure your rifle will be able to fit this great product.

Feature At a Glance

  • Product Dimensions: 2.25" x 0.75" (57mm x 19mm)
  • Range: ~300m
  • Max Output: <5mw
  • Wavelength: 835-655nm

3. Vokul Shockproof 532nm Rifle Gun Scope

The Vokul Shockproof Tactical model rocks a class-3R laser model, with an impressive wavelength of 532nm.

Combine this with an output power between 5-20mw, and you get a seriously powerful rifle laser that will increase your accuracy ten fold.

Vokul’s green laser provides a much more visible laser experience, especially in low light environments.

Meant primarily for shotguns, this product can be adjusted to fit other firearms as well, you just simply need to check manufacturer's notes to ensure your model will work with it before making an investment.

Thanks to the two mount design, this Vokul rifle laser is highly adjustable for both elevation and windage. With this great model, you will never have to worry about technology messing up your perfect shot again

Feature At a Glance

  • Tube Diameter: 1'' Laser Wavelength: 532nm
  • Adjustable windage and evelation
  • Emits a highly visible intense green laser beam constantly

4. TUOFENG Tactical Green Laser

Providing a cheaper alternative to the above listed Vokul Shockproof Tactical model, the TUOFENG product has many of the same features at half the price.

While the brand may not be as trusted, it certainly holds up to the competition in terms of accuracy and power.

Also featuring a laser wavelength of 532nm, the visibility is just as high as the Vokul model, but with slightly less output power.

One of the primary advantages of the TUOFENG laser sight is its easy installation. Reviewers have cited the ease of applying the sight to their firearm, and have praised its dual mount feature, which allows you to add an additional laser if desired.

Unlike some other dual mounts, this product keeps the mount large enough to accommodate most industry standard lasers.

Feature At a Glance

  • Tube Diameter: 1'' Laser Wavelength: 532nm
  • Provide clear pionting dot even in day light
  • Clear laser beam in the dark or low light
  • Advanced laser optics give a superb laser sight
  • Emits a highly visible intense green laser beam constantly

5. CVLIFE Red Dot Laser Sight

Having just recently dropped their prices to match competitors, the CVLIFE brand is more accessible for hunters on a budget than ever before.

Before anything else, you will likely notice the sleek modern design of this awesome rifle laser. Looks aside, the laser is also fairly powerful for the $25 price tag, with an output power of 5mw.

Both windage and elevation adjustable, the model uses two switch knobs to make adjustments easy, even for inexperienced rifle laser users.

However, the model does fail to provide replacement batteries, so be sure to invest in some if you hunt frequently.

Feature At a Glance

  • 1 X Laser sight scope with 2 switches
  • 2 X Metal Mount
  • 1 X Hex-key for the mount
  • 1 X CR123A Battery
  • Red Laser sight w/pressure switch and 2 mounts

6. Vokul Tactical Rifle Scope Red & Green Laser

One of the more luxurious rifle laser models on our list, the Vokul 2.5-10x40 sight is perfect for hunters and marksmen who appreciate variety.

Featuring both red and green lasers, the Vokul brand knows that customer preferences may change depending on the shooting environment.

IN addition to this, the windage and elevation adjustment features are some of the best available on the market.

The eyepiece is definitely the feature that helps the Vokul 2.5-10x40 stand apart from the competition. With quick focus technology, you gain the ability to quickly focus on both close quarters, and long distance targets with ease.

Finally, the rifle laser model is completely shock, water, and scratch proof, making it a highly durable model. Hunters who hunt rough terrain should find this feature highly attractive.

Feature At a Glance

  • Quick focus eyepiece and integrated quick release weaver mounting system
  • Fast and flexible acquisition of close quarter targets.
  • Dial controlled reticle illumination in both red and green
  • Red & Green illuminated with mil-dot recticle and standard X-Y windage

7. Ade Advanced Optics Ultra Compact Laser

Another mid-range brand model with something to prove, the Ade Advanced Optics Ultra Compact rifle laser is one of the most universally compatible products on this list.

Thanks to the design, it can easily fit onto most railed weapons’ weaver or picatinny.

However, some weapons will still require an adaptor, particularly pistols, so be educated before making a final investment in this product.

Featuring windage and elevation adjustment, a green laser, and a 532nm wavelength, the specs of the Ade Advanced Optics Ultra Compact rifle laser will seem very familiar.

While it may not revolutionize the industry, it is a solid and durable product that will serve you will either out hunting, or on the shooting range.

Additionally, the push button activation feature makes it one of the easiest to operate rifle lasers on the market.

Feature At a Glance

  • Very compact and light Aluminum Construction; 532nm Green Laser Beam <5mw
  • Quick Release System Attaches to Most Weaver Style/Picatinny Rails
  • Fully Adjustable Laser for Windage and Elevation
  • Operates with a single CR2 battery(included)

8. VERY100 Tactical Hunting Rifle Scope

Known for having one of the most highly visible laser sights for a mid-range rifle laser model, the VERY100 Tactical Scope is sure to impress hunters and marksmen on a budget.

Featuring the reliable specs of a 532nm wavelength, and adjustable windage and elevation adjustment features, this another product that ultimately fails to set itself apart from the competition in any major way.

However, the combination of a low price tag, and the trusted VERY100 brand make it a worthwhile consideration.

While it may not have a lot to set it apart, the VERY100 Tactical Scope does feature some considerably complex laser optics, which lead to it having one of the stronger lasers of the mid-range models.

If you need a product that will keep your visibility high in all possible shooting environments, this model will serve you well.

Feature At a Glance

  • Output: 1mw Length: 4.7''.3 scopes are included.
  • Tube Diameter: 1'' Laser Wavelength: 532nm
  • Adjustable windage and evelation
  • Advanced laser optics give a superb laser sight

9. NcStar Compact Pistol and Rifle Green Laser

Meant to cater to the smaller pistol market, the NcStar Compact Pistol and Rifle Scope is perhaps the most specialized rifle laser on our list.

Extra small in bulk, and with an intense green laser, this model is primarily meant for target shooting.

The NcStar Compact Pistol and Rifle Scope is crafted from aircraft quality anodized aluminum, which makes it highly durable. If you want to purchase a laser that will last you for years to come, the higher price tag of this item is definitely worth it.

Finally, thanks to the weaver style mount, the NcStar Compact Pistol and Rifle Scope will fit most pistols on the market, and a wide variety of regular style rifles.

Feature At a Glance

  • Compact Green Laser with Quick Release Weaver/Picatinny type Mount
  • Adjustable for Windage & Elevation
  • Ambidextrous Sliding On/Off Switch
  • Includes Adjustment Tools
  • Alluminum Construction

10. Barska GLX 5mW Green Laser

Rounding out our list is the most expensive model that we endorse. Only serious hunters and marksmen will want to invest in this high end rifle laser, but those that do will be served very, very well.

The Barska GLX model features an external riflescope that allows it to have the most accurately adjustable windage and elevation features on the market.

Additionally, the intense green laser it creates is more consistent than the competition. This is primarily due to running off a higher end battery (CR-123A Lithium Batter), than most of its competitors do.

Thankfully, the first battery comes packaged alongside the Barska GLX model.

Feature At a Glance

  • External riflescope style windage and elevation
  • Tactical edged bezel
  • Diamond cut exterior grip
  • 1-inch main tube
  • Emits a highly visible intense green laser beam constantly

Final Verdict

To determine which rifle laser will serve you best, you need to consider your budget and firearm type above all else. For pistol and shotgun users, you will want to choose a model specifically designed for those models.

Rifle users served well by most models on this list. Users looking to save money will find the Vokul Hot Tactical model will serve their needs effectively.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best rifle laser on the market, the Barska GLX model is the clear winner. Making the reasonable investment of just under $80 will get you a scope that will serve you will for many years to come.

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