5 Best Rifle Slings in 2018 – Reviewed By Experienced Shooters

Whether you are a casual shooter who frequents the gun range, or an experienced hunter, knowing what kind of gun sling will serve you best is important. From keeping you comfortable, to making you more invisible while stalking game, gun slings have many uses.

To help readers out, we have put together this guide to finding the gun sling that’s right for you. Find out what materials best suit your purposes, and what kind of sling type suit you using the information below.

Finally, in this rifle sling review, we have reviewed 5 of the best rifle slings model on the market, to help you start your search in a productive and simplified way.

Comparison of 5 Best Rifle Slings

Best Rifle Slings - Things to Consider


Your sling could be used for many different potential purposes. Depending on the type of hunting you are doing, waterproofing may or may not be something to consider. Additionally, some materials are more likely to absorb heat better, depending on the season you are hunting in.

For those who prefer using guns for shooting ranges, and not hunting, materials that are meant primarily for comfort may be a better decision. While nylon and polymer are the most common material types, leather is a great route to go when trying to look stylish.

Common Sling Material Types:

  • Nylon
  • Polymer
  • Leather
  • Neoprene

Traditional Gun Sling:

The vast majority of gun slings have two points of attachments. This two-point sling is often referred to as either a “simple” or “traditional” sling. Given the two-point design, guns with traditional gun slings are usually worn over the shoulder. Adjusting the fit can be done quickly and simply, similar to the way you might when dealing with a guitar strap.

For consumers dealing with light, easy to handle weapons, traditional gun slings tend to be the best option. In most cases, you will either wear a traditional gun sling either around the back or neck.


  • Most-Commonly Used Sling Type
  • Fits Almost All Firearm Types


  • Not as Comfortable as Three-Point Slings
  • Not as Tactile as Three-Point Slings

Single-Point Sling:

For short-term tactical applications, a single-point gun sling allows you to quickly transition your firearm between shoulders. These types of slings are worn either over the head or under the arm, and then attaches to the firearm on the underside of the stock.

However, due to the firearm hanging in front of the user when not in use with this sort of sling, it can interfere with your access to other gear you are carrying. If you are looking for a sling that will help relieve you of the weight burden of a firearm, this is not the one, as it does little to assist you in that area.


  • Quick to Transition
  • Easy to Use


  • Fails to Relieve Weight of the Firearm
  • Can Get in the Way of Other Gear

Three-Point Sling:

For maximum security when carrying a firearm, a three-point sling has you covered. Attaching at two points of the firearm, and attaching to the shooter’s body at a third point, this type of sling uses a material wrap around the shooter’s torso to ensure security.

One of the more accessible gun sling types, the three-point sling is perfect for hunters who have to make quick moves in crowded terrain. However, tactical applications are perhaps the best use for three-point slings. Casual gun users will want to avoid three-point slings, as they are more expensive than other sling types. Therefore, these slings are meant mostly for experienced hunters and tacticians.


  • Highly Tactical
  • Easily Adjustable to All Body Sizes


  • Expensive Compared to Other Sling Types
  • Complicated to Use

Additional Considerations:

  • Type of Swivel or Stud Used
  • Flexibility and Size
  • Whether or Not to Buy a Convertible
  • Brand Reputation

The 5 Best Rifle Slings Reviews

1. Allen Cascade Rifle Sling

Keep your gun secure with the Allen Cascade Rifle Sling model’s 1” heavy-duty webbing, and locking system.

Additionally, the comfortable extra-wide neoprene suspension makes it simple to adjust your firearm. The “sharkskin” on the grips back makes it even less likely you will experience any slippage.

​Quality tested, and from the trusted Allen brand, the Allen Cascade Rifle Sling is designed for rough use. Both affordable and simple to use, this model is perfect for both inexperienced and advanced users.

Important Features:

  • Comfortable Extra-Wide Neoprene Suspension
  • 1” Heavy-Duty Webbing
  • Quickly Detachable Swivels
  • Locking System
  • Grip-Heavy “Sharkskin” Back
  • Quality Tested
  • Trusted Brand
  • Affordable and Easy to Use
  • Rugged Stretch Binding
  • Designed with Rough Use in Mind

2. Mossy Oak Muscadine Rifle Sling

The Mossy Oak Muscadine Rifle Sling is one of the best-looking gun slings on the market.

With a stylish black coloring, and non-slip backing, the model is perfect for both hunters and those who stick with firing ranges.

With neoprene material, it is easy to transition the sling when needed. Additionally, it allows the sling to be highly durable, making it perfect for hunters who brave tough terrains.

The model’s nylon webbing adds an extra bit of toughness to this already durable sling. Its sling swivel attachments make it easy to adjust the sling whenever you are feeling uncomfortable with how it is currently sitting.

​Overall, this model can be consider as one of the best hunting rifle sling. While shooting range enthusiasts will certainly be happy with the model, its many features are not quite necessary on a gun range. Given the model’s higher price range, this can become an issue.

Important Features:

  • Non-Slip Backing
  • Stylish Black Coloring
  • Nylon Webbing
  • Sling Swivels
  • Easy to Transition Neoprene Material
  • Heavy-Duty Durability
  • Simple to Adjust for Ultimate Flexibility
  • Trusted Mossy Oak Brand

3. Yahill Multi-Use 2 Point 2-in-1 Rifle Gun Sling

The Yahill Multi-Use 2 Point 2-in-1 Rifle Gun Sling is one of the best rifle slings on this list.

With the ability to attach to most weapon systems, and an easy deployment, you can make use of the model in any situation.

Additionally, the D-ring hook points make the sling extremely flexible.

Consumers looking for a sling that will last them for years to come will find a lot to love about the Yahill Multi-Use 2 Point 2-in-1 Rifle Gun Sling. With a high-density nylon material, and long lasting quality, the sling will last you for a long time.

One of the most maneuverable models included on this list, the Yahill Multi-Use 2 Point 2-in-1 Rifle Gun Sling can be used in many ways. Finding the right fit should take no time thanks to its easy to transition nature.

For long lasting quality, and a trusted brand, it can be hard to do much better than the Yahill Multi-Use 2 Point 2-in-1 Rifle Gun Sling model.

Important Features:

  • High-Density Nylon Material
  • Long Lasting Quality
  • Trusted Yahill Brand
  • D-Ring Hook Points Make for Flexible Usage
  • Attaches to Most Weapon Systems
  • Easy Deployment and Maneuverability
  • Ambidextrous Design

4. Blackpowder Products Claw Rifle Sling

For hunters who regularly get down in the muck while stalking game, the Blackpowder Products Original Series Claw Rifle Sling is the best option on the market.

With a ton of fantastic order and weather-resistant features, this model will serve you for years.

Additionally, the design of the sling makes its use quiet for hunters. Its soft-touch material will make it easy to adjust when you find yourself uncomfortable in your tree stand or ground hunting spot. Given the hush stalker swivels included, you should be able to avoid making any sounds during your adjustments.

Hunting can get messy. Between blood, terrain, and other environmental factors, gear can get smelly. Thankfully, the order-resistant pad on the Blackpowder Products Original Series Claw Rifle Sling keeps it smelling fresh.

Overall, the Blackpowder Products Original Series Claw Rifle Sling is much more preferable for hunters than shooting range enthusiasts.

Important Features:

  • Tough-grip, No-Slip Pad
  • Stretches up to 0.5”
  • Hush Stalker Swivels
  • Odor-Resistant Pad
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Quiet Design for Hunters
  • Soft-Touch Material
  • Polymer Pad
  • Fits all Standard Studs

5. Duty Sling

One of the most widely purchased and used models on this list, the Duty Sling is fantastic for users of any background or skill level. The installation process is not only quick, but simple to understand.

However, once you’ve installed the Duty Sling onto a weapon, some features may become semi-permanently attached.

For this reason, it is recommended you be highly familiar with the sling before choosing to use it on a valuable weapon.

With a weather-resistant build, and an American manufacturing origin, the Duty Sling is great for consumers looking for a long lasting product. Additionally, the slick, black design of the sling will keep you shooting in style. Since the Duty Sling is compatible with nearly all full-sized rifles, it should work well for almost any consumer.

Since it is both versatile and popular, the Duty Sling is great for any type of gun owner. Whether you stick to shooting ranges, or enjoy stalking game, the sling will serve you well. The popularity of this product arises from its simplicity, so if you want an easy to use sling.

Important Features:

  • Quick Installation
  • Semi-Permanent after Installation
  • Weather-Resistant
  • American Made
  • Slick Design
  • Fits Most Full-Sized Rifles
  • Popular Model

Final Verdict

While each gun sling model on our list comes with a glowing recommendation, the Mossy Oak Muscadine Rifle Sling is the sling we consider the best value. Although it may be more suited for hunters than casual shooters, the model provides many useful features.

Given the price tag of the Mossy Oak Muscadine Rifle Sling model, however, many consumers may find the charming simplicity of the Duty Sling more appealing. Ultimately, you will need to examine the things to consider section to realize what is most important to you in a gun sling.

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