Best Rifle Slings – Top 11 Reviewed By Experienced Hunters

Whether you are a casual shooter who occasionally visits the gun range or an experienced hunter, knowing what is the best rifle sling for your needs is very important.

Keeping you comfortable while carrying your rifle or stabilizing you while taking  a shot are the main reasons why a rifle sling is so vitally important, but gun slings have many uses.

To help our readers, we've put together this guide to finding the gun sling that’s right for you. Use the information we've provided below to find out what materials best suit your purposes and what kind of sling-type suits you.

In this rifle sling review, we have reviewed 11 of the best slings models on the market, to help you start your search in a easy and simple way.

Comparison of 11 Best Rifle Slings

Best Rifle Slings - Things to Consider

A rifle sling works as a carrier and sometimes as a stabilizer that helps in aiming. Your sling can be used for many other different potential purposes. Depending on the type of hunting you are taking part in, waterproofing may or may not be something to consider.

Before buying a sling the main thing you have to consider is the materials used to construct the rifle gun sling.

Here I have briefly described what to look for when buying slings for your weapons.

Rifle Sling Materials 

Gun slings can be made out of different materials based on the characteristics of the materials. Some materials are more likely to absorb heat better, depending on the season you are hunting in. Some materials can be easily converted to be used for a different function to avoid a life-threatening situation.

Each material has different pros & cons in terms of durability, comfort, adjustability, and versatility. Most of the widely used materials in gun slings are:


Currently the most used material for Tactical guns slings and in AR 15 slings. Nylon represents excellent durability along with better environmental resilience. Besides, slings made out of nylon are pretty light weight compared to the traditional leather slings. And they are easily adjustable while moving and shifting guns from prominent hands to secondary hands for flexible shooting purposes.


Mostly used in parachutes and for hiking, paracord is a great material for AR 15 slings as it's undeniably durable. Though paracord seems difficult to adjust quickly, the environmental resistance of paracord is top-notch. This type of rifle sling will come in handy in rough terrain. For their versatile use, anyone can disassemble their paracord slings to have a strong rope that can come in handy in dire situations.


This type of material is made out of a rubber-like substance that can stretch according to tension. Most of the gun slings in the market partially uses neoprene along with other materials. This material makes slings comfortable and compact. But, if a sling is made only out of neoprene & no tother material then it might create a disturbance while runnin with your rifle as it will bounce a lot.


This is a traditional gun sling material that has been used for centuries. Leather rifle slings are renowned for their great durability. Though rifle slings made of leather gives users a feeling of compactness, they generally don't  provide that much comfort. Lack of quick adjustments and overall versatility, the use of a leather sling is decreasing. While nylon and paracord are the most commonly material types used, leather is a great rifle sling material when crafted by true leather craftsmen as they give a look & feel of quality & style and enhance the overall look of your rifle.

Types of Rifle Slings Available

There are 3 types of systems used to mount a sling to your rifle, the single-point sling, the two-point sling & the three-point sling. We'll help you understand which system is best for your purposes:

Single-Point Sling: 

For short-term tactical applications, a single-point gun sling allows you to quickly transition your firearm between shoulders. These types of slings are worn either over the head or under the arm and then attach to the firearm on the underside of the stock.

However, due to the firearm hanging in front of the user when not in use with this sort of sling, it can interfere with your access to other gear you are carrying. If you are looking for a sling that will help relieve you of the weight burden of a firearm, this is not the one, as it does little to assist you in that area. It can also be dangerous if you don't have a hand on your weapon at all times as the weapon will bounce around.


  • Quick to Transition
  • Easy to Use


  • Can bounce around & be dangerous
  • Fails to Relieve Weight of the Firearm.
  • Can Get in the Way of Other Gear and movement.

Two-point Sling or Traditional Gun Sling

The vast majority of gun slings have two points of attachment. This two-point sling is often referred to as either a “simple” or “traditional” sling.

Given the two-point design, guns with traditional gun slings are usually worn over the shoulder. Adjusting the fit can be done quickly and simply, similar to the way you might adjust a guitar strap.

For hunters or marksmen dealing with light, easy to handle weapons, traditional gun slings tend to be the best option. A two point sling can be worn in 3 ways, rifle muzzle pointing up, rifle muzzle pointing down or the tactical style where the rifle is positioned  across your body. It's personal preference which method you like to use, but safety needs to be the number one consideration.


  • Most-Commonly Used Sling Type
  • Fits Almost All Firearm Types


  • Not as Tactile as Three-Point Slings

Three-Point Sling: For Maximum Security 

When carrying a firearm, a three-point sling has you covered. Attaching at two points of the firearm, and attaching to the shooter’s body at a third point, this type of sling uses a material wrap around the shooter’s torso to ensure security.

One of the more accessible gun sling types, the three-point sling is perfect for hunters who have to make quick moves in crowded terrain. However, tactical applications are perhaps the best use for three-point slings. Casual gun users will want to avoid three-point slings, as they are more expensive than other sling types. Therefore, these slings are meant mostly for experienced hunters and tacticians.


  • Highly Tactical
  • Easily Adjustable to All Body Sizes


  • Expensive Compared to Other Sling Types
  • Complicated to Use

Additional Considerations

  • Type of Swivel or Stud Used
  • Flexibility and Size
  • Whether or Not to Buy a Convertible
  • Brand Reputation

The 11 Best Rifle Slings Reviews

1. STI 2 point rifle sling

best adjustable rifle sling

Sear tactical Innovation is a well-known company in America, manufacturing sling and sling swivel. If you want to hunt in the woods comfortably, you can go with a two-point sling. A two-point sling is not as complex to attach as a three-point sling. You can simply attach this sling at two different points of your rifle. That’s why many shooters out there use the STI 2 Point Rifle Sling which is very good in some specific areas.

When you are going out hunting, you must keep one thing in mind that you carry your rifle as snugly as possible else you won’t be able to hunt for a long time.

But with this sling, you don’t need to worry about that as you can adjust it to more than 55 inches. Moreover, you don’t need to detach the rifle while making adjustments. Now let’s talk about its design, this item is designed in a simple and smart way. Because of this simple smart design, it can be compatible with many rifles.

So, if you have different types of rifles, you can use this sling on any of your rifles without any hassle. If you are thinking about its reliability and durability then we can ensure you that it is made with one of the most powerful tube webbings. It can carry weight up to 4000 pounds which makes it quite reliable. Another amazing fact about its construction is its uniform weight distribution which can make sure that without hurting your shoulder you can carry it for a long time.

Important Features:

  • Fast Adjust Mechanism
  • Simple Smart Design
  • Powerful Tube Webbing
  • Adjustable up to 55 inches
  • Can carry up to 4000 pounds
  • Premium Chafe Resistant Nylon Webbing

2. CVLIFE 2 Point Sling with QD Sling Mount Swivel

Mostly known for their rifle accessories (riflescope. Dot sight, bipod, etc.) CVLIFE’s 2 point sling is one of the best selling slings in the market. This 155 cm long sling can hold your gun comfortably. The high-quality nylon material made it durable. The Neoprene part of the sling gave it elasticity and the thumb loop adjuster made the sling very comfy to equip. Usable in any kind of AR rifle, this sling will make your hunting experience as comfortable as it gets.

The QD sling mount Swivel will enable you to quickly detach and attach the sling with the gun. Thus moving with your gun and equipping will be much easier with this sling.

Important Features:

  • Nylon material
  • Snap hook allows rapid sling installation
  • Powerful Tube Webbing
  • Adjustable up to 60 inches
  • QD swivel allows 360-degree rotation 
  • Capable of carrying a heavy load

3. Nohma Leather BF500 Buffalo Leather Padded Rifle Gun Sling

Nohma Leather BF500 Buffalo Leather Padded Rifle Gun Sling Review

If you're looking for a high quality, hand crafted leather rifle gun sling for your trusty weapon of choice, then the Nohma Leather rifle sling is the one you should undoubtedly choose.

The quality of the craftsmanship & materials used exceeded my expectations.  This high quality buffalo hide leather sling gives it the look & feel of an old school, traditional looking gun sling which is really well made.

Leather gun slings are often uncomfortable to wear, but the suede padding of  the Nohma Leather sling makes this hunting rifle sling incredibly comfortable even when worn for long periods. Swivels are not included when purchasing this leather rifle sling, so 1" rifle sling swivels will need to be purchased separately. Overall, this gun sling is highly recommended.

Important Features:

  • High Quality Buffalo Hide Leather
  • Excellent Handmade Craftmanship
  • Padded Sling With Suede Back
  • Adjustable up to 42 inches.
  • 1" Rifle Sling Swivels Not Included

4. AntreeMAG Two-Point Sling with Metal Hook for Outdoors Hunting

top 3 best rifle sling

Another 2 point gun sling made of nylon produced by AntreeMAG which is capable of stretching up to 57 inches.  The dense nylon strap provides extreme durability. It has elastic nylon clip covers which reduce field sound while mounting and moving with your rifle. The stainless steel clip allows it to attach with all ranges of the rifle system. The total length of the sling is also easily controllable which allows different personnel to equip it in their rifles. The adjustable length of the sling is 47 inches to 57 inches. Apart from using it as a Rifle sling, you can also use it to carry other heavy stuff like a camera

The only down point of this sling is its elastic bungee strap. Thought helps you to feel comfortable while carrying your rifle, it also allows it to bounce and sag. And the sling doesn’t have any pads. But nonetheless, this one of the best tactical slings available in the market.

Important Features:

  • Dense nylon material
  • Upgraded metal hook allows it to have flexible and broader space to use
  • Capable of carrying heavy stuff
  • Adjustable up to 57 inches.
  • Elastic bungee straps allow it to remove or add tension in the sling quickly

5. Helikon-Tex Range Line, two-point Carbine sling

nylon webbing rifle sling

Helikon-Tex is a company situated in Poland who are well known for producing survival equipment and high-quality tactical garments. Range line is one of their product lines that includes shooting sports, trekking, and urban survival gear and equipment. The two-point carbine sling is the one only sling that is manufactured in the Range line. This is a high-quality sling that is made out of 1inch nylon webbing. 

The foam padding in the central section allows this sling to distribute the weight of the weapon or the accessories it is attached with. This sling also has a velcro closed pocket on the pad, thus allowing users to carry some extra stuff like batteries for their rifle scopes

The Sling has velcro stips which allow users to adjust the length according to their need. The quick adjustment system and two adapters allow the sling to be equipped with a variety of equipment. This sling is one of the most comfortable slings on our list.

Important Features:

  • 1-inch nylon webbing.
  • Made out of oyster materials.
  • Comfort pad which is covered with mesh.
  • Velcro closed battery pocket and velcro strips.
  • Easy mount to the rifle with attached adapters.

6. Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-point sling, Camo

best durable rifle sling

Obsessed with lightweight and durability Blue Force Gear company of the USA produced is a masterpiece of a sling. Larry Vickers who was one of the 1st SFOD-Delta operational members and the author of the Vickers Guide series of Firearms developed this slings design.Basically, this sling was made based on real-life problems faced in the field. The key features like 1.25-inch sling webbing and 2-inch tubular webbing in the pad section made the sling effective and durable. 

You can also adjust the length of the sling from 54 to 64 inches according to your need. Though it is one of the costliest slings on our list it is no doubt one of the best tactical rifle scopes in the market.

Important Features:

  • 1.25” Sling webbing on the front and 2.00” Tubular Webbing on the pad
  • Maximum Unpadded Sling Length – 54 inch up to 64 inches fully extended
  • Maximum Padded Sling Length – 57 inch up to 67 inches fully extended
  • Invista solution dyed CORDURA webbing
  • Quick Adjuster with Contrasting Pull Tab
  • Nylon hardware: glass reinforced DuPont Zytel Nylon
  • Metal hardware: Anodized machined aluminum adjuster, phosphate steel triglides

7. Allen Yukon Neoprene Rifle sling

best stylish rifle sling

Allen company is one of the giants producing rifle accessories. Up till now, they have produced quite a lot of rifle slings according to clients’ needs. One of their best Rifle slings is the Yukon Neoprene Rifle Sling. With the simple design along with neoprene as base materials, this sling can carry up to 300 pounds of loads. The sling features mossy oak break-up country camo so that hunters can blend in with the environment. The Mossy Oak Muscadine Rifle Sling is one of the best-looking gun slings on the market. With a stylish black coloring, and non-slip backing, the model is perfec Four rifle cartridge loops are also there on the shoulder pad so that you can reload efficiently. 

Now the slings might not be a good choice for your tactical rifle or AR 15 rifle but it is great for hunting rifles. It will be your trusted companion who will distribute your rifle's weight properly and help you hunt. 

Important Features:

  • 4 shell loops on pad
  • Comfortable neoprene padded ling
  • Durable construction with a thumb ring loop
  • Mossy Oak Break-up Country camo.

8. Magpul Two Point Slings - Quick Adjust (MS1 QDM slings) - Best For Hunting in 2021

best hunting rifle sling

Magpul Industries is one of the best designers and manufacturers of high tech polymer such as gun accessories. Their MS1 sling is one of the best-produced slings in the market. Along with Magpul QDM swivels, this sling achieved the quick mounting on any rifle. The MS1 slider gave the sling the ability of quick adjustment of sling lengths. Basically, the whole design of the sling allows it to provide users with a comfortable and quick-mount in any kind of tactical rifle.

Magpul tests its products' durability in harsh environments. For example, the MS1 two-point rifle sling is tested in wet, dry, and sandy condition along with the static load. These tests last for 72 hours straight. So if you decide to buy this sling you will be paying for the most dependable tactical rifle sling in the market.

Important Features:

  • Weight: 6.0 oz
  • Length, Overall Nominal: 48-60 in. ± 5 in. adjustment
  • Slider Adjustment Range: 10 in.
  • Width, Webbing: 1.25 in.
  • Width, Pad: 1.85

9. TLO Outdoors Paracord Gun Sling 

best quality rifle sling by TLO

One of the best selling sling available in the current market is TLO outdoor Paracord Gun Sling. TLO outdoor stands of “The love of” outdoor. From their name, we can easily understand that TLO outdoors mainly produces accessories that will be used heavily outside. The best part is, this is the only sling on our list which can carry up to 550 pounds of the load because of the paracord. So this is perfect for all types of rifles. 

The sling isn’t fully made out of paracord, nylon webbing is also used as material thus making it quite comfortable and adjustable according to the user’s choice. The two ends of the sling are equipped with a quick detach (QD) swivel. The paracord sling of TLO has won over users' hearts because of the versatile use of the paracord itself.

Important Features:

  • 17 inch of high-quality paracord with 0.25-inch leather TLO patch  
  • Adjustable length: 33 inches to 44 inch
  • 550 pound carrying capacity of paracord.
  • Survival use of paracord

10. Viking Tactics VTAC Original 2 Point Sling:

best viking tactics vtac rifle sling

Situated USA, Vikings Tactics, Inc. is the manufacturer of elite and high quality, battle-proven tactical gears. VTAC Original 2 Point Sling is their flagship gun sling. This sling is highly preferred by the special force community for AR-15 rifles. Their fully adjustable sling will enhance retention if you need your hands free. The full nylon body allows it to carry all kinds of AR and tactical rifles. 

This sling is undoubtedly one of the longest on our list. This 60-inch sling will extend farther after you include attachments and swivels. So a wide range of AR rifles can attach with this 2 point sling. Overall, you will not be disappointed with the service and durability of this product in the firing range.

Important Features:

  • Length: 60 inches and farther extend with swivels  
  • Quick adjustment of length for field use.
  • Steel Main Buckles and Double acetyl end buckles
  • Non-Padded

11. Viking Tactics Wide (padded) Hybrid 2 point Sling

best hybrid rifle sling

This is another excellent product by Viking Tactics, Inc. Like all other Viking tactics sling it is also made based on the durable nylon materials. The plus fact is Hybrid sling will also provide you with comfort as they have shoulder pad added in the mid section. The smooth adjustment will make it quite useful while shifting the weapon around the shoulder 

The total product is also 60 inch long. The pull tab of the sling is rubberized so that you will have more tactical feeling while handling your Ar rifle. Double acetal resin is used in the tri glides located in each adjustment. Thus making the whole sling more durable and giving it a huge strength boost. 

Important Features:

  • Length: 60 inches and farther extend with swivels  
  • Quick adjustment of length for field use.
  • Double acetal resin tri glides
  • Central Padded

Frequently Ask Questions - FAQs

Q1- Do I need a sling for my AR 15?

Ans: - ArmaLite rifle -15 design or AR-15 rifle though is comfortable to wield but it is quite heavy to carry. Thus it will best use a sling when you will move with an AR-15 rifle. It will also help you with aim and sometimes will hold your broken arms. Now it’s your decision whether you will buy a sling or not.

Q2- What should I look for in a rifle sling?

Ans: While buying a rifle sling, you have to look for the adjustment ability of the sling. Because the length of the sling used by a 35 year old and 15 year old will differ in length eventually. So try to buy a sling which allows you to adjust it’s length smoothly. You can also look out for the material used in the sling.

It will indicate durability along with comfortability of the strap. Sometimes people buy paracord sling just for the versatile use of paracord in different situations. By focusing on material you can also understand the weight that can be carried by the slings. 

Q3- What is the best way to remove mold & mildew from a leather rifle sling?

Ans: The white, gray or yellow coloured fluffy and powdery stuff that is growing on your leather product are mildew. On the other hand if it looks greenish or black then those are molds. Both of these are fungus that will harm your lungs. There are many solutions available in the market that remove molds and mildews. But if you don't want to use them then you can simply use saddle soap, alcohols, bleach, white vinegar, chlorine etc.

Basically there are lots of natural ways available to remove mold and mildews. But you have to be cautious while removing those fungus and it is preferred to carry out the cleaning process outside of your house. After all, you don’t want the spurs of mold and mildew to disburse in your house.

Q4- How to sling a rifle with a backpack?

Ans: There are lots of backpacks now available that have built in rifle rifle packs which will allow one to access their rifles quickly, and will save rifles from outer harm. For example you can use a bag pack of Eberlestock. On the other hand there are many other pieces of equipment that can keep your rifle attached with your backpack.

But if you have a good gun sling you can just carry the gun over your shoulder along with a backpack. All you have to do is keep the rifle muzzle up and wear the sling in a crossbody position and tighten it up.  

Q5- How to wear a hunting rifle sling?

Ans: Now there are quite a few styles to carry a gun with a sling. And each of the styles has its own benefits. If you wear the rifle sling in the right shoulder in a muzzle up position, then that is called American style or traditional hunter style. Carrying a rifle in this way allows one to easily and quickly aim at the target but might hamper while in switching to revolver. On the other hand there is African style carrying of rifles.

In this style you carry the rifle in your left shoulder muzzle down. It is safe but might not allow you to aim quicker. Then there is the tactical rifle carrying style, where you basically wear the rifle, cross shoulder and muzzle downed. This style allows both quick aim and keeps both arms free for other combat essentials.

Q6- How long is a typical rifle sling?

Ans: Typical gun sling is generally 36 inch long for hunting rifles. For shotguns it is 45 inches long. But most of the AR 15 or tactical rifle has a slings of 55 inches.

Q7- How to tighten a rifle sling?

Ans: Every gun sling has its own adjusting system. For example, Viking Tactics’s sling has quick adjusting sliders. Buckles and gliders also can shorten the length of the slings which enables to shorten the strap length and keep your rifle in a compact position with your body.

Installation and usage of a rifle sling

We already know that a well adjusted gun sling is not only a carrying strap but also works great as a stable bipod for aiming. But what most of us really need to know is how to use a rifle sling properly. Now to install a sling on your rifle you might need  swivels.

Some of the slings include swivels, but most of the regular slings don't give away mounting equipment. Besides you will come across rifles which need to install screws to attach swivels and there are other rifles who already have a proper option to attach swivels without drilling them. One thing for sure is most of the regular slings come with a long strap with 2 keepers and a D ring or open loop at the end.

So you can actually attach the sling with your rifle in many ways. But we recommend you to follow installation videos or your known experts if you are unable to attach the slings with your rifle. It's not like people don’t understand the written directions on the product’s packet, but more importantly the way it describes might not be convenient for them.

For example many right handed shooters who attach their slings in the right side of the stock but there are exceptions who loved attaching the leftwards. Because it comes down to your comfortability. Many use Quick detach swivels on the other hand many hunters don't even use swivels. But whatever method you use you will always wrap the sling in your non firing arm and tighten the sling with your body to have a stable long range aim.

That's the most important duty that every rifle sling has been doing since the invention of sling. This technique is followed by top notch shooter veteran soldiers and even casual hunters. 

Cleaning & Maintenance Of a Rifle Sling

Cleaning of your sling may vary based on the material used in making the slings. For nylon and other polyester types of rifle sling it is advised to not to use bleach. As bleach contains chlorine as an oxidizing agent might harm the nylon.

Furthermore you can use them in your regular leather gun slings. In the case of nylon and other synthetic materials you should use regular detergent and brushes. Many use high pressure water equipment to clean their slings, which is also a no go. Because the load bearing of most of the synthetic slings are not well established.

So just light scrubbing and brush to remove stains is the wisest choice. You should also avoid using equipment that tumbles to clean your rifle slings. But if you can maintain a low pressure on the slings then you can use many other equipment to clean. Lastly you should remember that highwater pressure equipment can destroy the color of your slings. 

Final Verdict

While each gun sling model on our list comes with a glowing recommendation, the STI 2 Point Rifle Sling is the sling we consider the best value. Although it may be more suited for hunters than casual shooters, the model provides many useful features.

Given the price tag of the STI 2 Points Rifle Sling model, however, many consumers may find the charming simplicity of the Duty Sling more appealing. Ultimately, you will need to examine the things to consider in the section to realize what is most important to you in a gun sling.

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