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Rock Climbing is definitely one of the most sensational sports or activities that one can enjoy incredibly. The excitement of rock climbing is not replaceable by any other activities. There are many rock climbers who have wide feet and it is difficult for them to choose the best rock climbing shoes within budget.

It gives your body great strength because it uses almost every single muscle of your body. Mostly your hand and feet plays important role in rock climbing. Climbing rocks can make you more than fit. But it is not easy as it looks it requires some techniques as well as right equipment's for safety issue. Proper gear is very essential for rock climbing activities. A good pair of climbing shoes is one of the most important equipment for this sport. Without proper climbing shoes you can’t even think of rock climbing.

Climbing shoes comes in different styles and these shoes can perform a variety of climbing benefits. Some are perfect for rock holes on the other hand others are awesome for climbing on the mountain edges. That’s why it is harder for the climbers to decide which the best rock climbing shoes are for them.

Even professional climber faces difficulties at the time of selecting perfect climbing boots for wide feet. If you are also a climber who has wide feet then this post is especially for you. Don’t panic we are here to help you out with the best rock climbing shoes for wide feet.

Comparisons on 10 Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet



Shoe Model






100% Leather

Vibram XS Rubber

good rock climbing shoes

La Sportiva


Vibram XS Edge Rubber

comfortable rock climbing shoes for women


Butora NEO Fuse 


best rock climbing shoe

La Sportiva


Vibram XS Edge Rubber

best climbing shoes for beginners


100% Synthetic


best bouldering shoes


Flexan 1.0mm

Vibram XS Edge Rubber 

aggressive climbing shoes for beginners

Five Ten

100% Synthetic


rock climbing shoes brand


Superior German leather

NEO friction Rubber

neutral climbing shoes


 Synthratek VX


best climbing shoes

Mad Rock

100% Leather


Types of Rock Climbing Shoes – know your type

Before going for the best rock climbing shoes for wide feet you need to understand the type of rock climbing shoes. Rock climbing shoes are of three types depending on different terrain as well as different climbing benefits. So, it is very necessary for every rock climbers to know his type by learning all the types otherwise he/she will end up buying shoes which will not be comfortable for them. Every type has some benefits and downsides also. It’s very essential for you to know the differences between these types so that you can choose your type perfectly.   

1. Moderate Climbing Shoes

This type is for those climbers who love to climb on the rocks technically. You can recognize this type by their shape, they are a little bit down turned which makes technical climbing lot more simpler and safer. Your feet get more strength and power the type neutral climbing shoes because of its shape. These shoes can be used to control almost every climbing route.

These shoes are capable of delivering great edging as it’s made of rubber. You will get perfect grip and great sensitivity over the rocks by using its thin sole. However, the shoes will help you to handle any climbing situation.

Though the shoes are comfortable, they are not as comfortable as neutral shoes. The performance of these types of shoes is not very great in compare to aggressive climbing types.

2. Neutral Climbing Shoes

Neutral climbing shoes are great for the beginners as well as experienced climbers. Because they are very comfortable to wear and you can wear it all day long like normal shoes.

The soles of these shoes are flat which will keep your toes flat inside the shoes. They're incredible for walking into rock holes. The padded soles extend from moderate to hard and thick rubber is used in the soles of these shoes which give your feet strong backings.

Many professional climbers prefer these shoes as they fit comfortably. The downside of this type of shoes is that they are not very good with overhanging climbing situation because of the thick and hard soles.

 3. Aggressive Climbing Shoes

This type of climbing shoes is used by hardcore climbers who climb through difficult routes. You can easily recognize these shoes as they are more down-turned in compare to the moderate climbing shoes. You will get powerful performance from these aggressive style climbing shoes as it has lots of heel tension which will help your feet to get strong grip.

Its asymmetric shape will provide power and strength to your toes so that you can get great hold on small holding positions. These shoes will fit you comfortably which will ensure more power to your feet in compare to other two types. While climbing you will not lose your grip because of its sticky rubber and thin sole. People often use tactical boots for getting a proper grip in the adventure trips. 

The only demerits of this type of shoes are that they don’t easily fit in small cracks and they are not as snug as neutral climbing shoes.

What to look for before buying rock climbing shoes

You always need to do a little bit of research before buying anything important. Rock climbing shoes are most important equipment for climbers. That’s why you must know the features that you need to look for before buying best rock climbing shoes. Here we are going to give you a brief idea about the features of rock climbing shoes.

  • Durability:

To climb on the rocks which are the toughest terrain you need to wear tough shoes that will not just be comfortable as well as long lasting too. If your shoes are not durable then you will be on trouble when you are climbing. Actually it is very dangerous to wear shoes that are not long lasting. You can check the durability of the shoes by checking its materials that are used to make the shoe. You can go for the shoes that’s sole are made of thick rubber.

  • Weight:

Weight is another very important factor to check out while buying best rock climbing shoes for wide feet. Because you don’t want to get heavier shoes which will always pull you down at the time of climbing. Heavy weight shoes can even damage your feet also. That’s why you need to choose good pair of shoes with light weight.

  • Comfort:

This is the feature you need to look correctly if you don’t want to ruin your exciting adventure just after beginning. It plays a vital role in your rock climbing whether it is going to be great or painful. That’s why you have to check the comfort level of your rock climbing shoes while buying.

  • Closure:

There are several types of closing system for climbing shoes such as Velcro, slipper, and laced. Each system delivers your feet the support to get a comfort and good fit. Now I know you are in a dilemma that which one is suitable for you. For that, I’m going to tell you the benefits and cons of each type so that you can choose your one perfectly.

If you don’t want any kind of fuss then you can choose the shoes that have Velcro or slipper system. This closing system is also fast and simple to wear. But you can’t adjust the fit which is a demerit of this type of shoes. Laced shoes are very good to improve your climbing performance as you can adjust the fit according to your climbing situations. This type of climbing shoes may take more time than the Velcro or slipper type shoes. Another demerit of this type is that if the lace of your shoes gets attached to any obstacle then it may get loose which will not be very pleasant for you.

  • Flexibility:

Flexibility depends on your climbing type which means it completely depends upon you. If you are going for indoor climbing training or easy outdoor climb then you may choose more flexible shoes than normal. Hard or stiff shoes are perfect for technical climbing as it offers great grip on the rocks and cracks.

  • Safety:

One of the most important things to consider is safety before buying best rock climbing shoes. While climbing external elements can hurt your feet which will be very bad for your rock climbing as well as you. That’s why you need to look for a decent pair of shoes that will protect your feet from external objects which can hurt your feet badly. At the time of searching for safety you have to look for comfort also, otherwise you won’t be able to climb.

  • Support:

This feature also depend on you how you choose to take the climbing challenge. Rubber sole that is thin and sticky will offer you great grip on the faces and holes of the rocks. This type of shoes can leave your feet sore and delicate which is a demerit. Climbing shoes with arched design and thick sole will deliver you the comfort you are looking for but it is not going to offer you good grip on the thin edges and small rock holes.

  • Fit:

For a perfect climbing you need to get accurate fitting of your climbing shoes. You can’t go for rock climbing if your shoes are not perfectly fit with your feet. Too tight fit may hurt your feet and it will decrease your climbing performance. On the other hand lose fitting of your shoes will not offer you the hold you want while climbing.

  • Terrain:

You must select your shoes according to the terrain you want to climb. Because there are different types of climbing shoes for different surface and terrain. Sticky and thin soles can deliver you the hold that you need on compliment surface. On the other hand thick rubber soles are just perfect for rocky terrains. Some general climbing shoes are out there which you can use for almost every terrain and surface. These types of shoes are for beginners.  

Best Rock Climbing Wide Feet Shoes in 2021 - Reviews

1. Scarpa Instinct VS (Best for Bouldering) Review

A powerful and asymmetric rock climbing shoe that is especially made for boulderers. This shoe gained plethora of popularities among climbers within a very short time with its incredible performance. With high sensitivity and great power it will deliver you the best climbing performance ever. It will offer you perfect fit without getting stretched within a short time which means it will last long.  In our editors review this is the best rock climbing shoes for wide feet you can get in the market. 

As the shape is downturned it looks aggressive. This aggressive shape enables your toes to twist at the primary knuckle and bends your foot in such a way which will allow you to hold even on dangerous uphill rocks.

Now, let’s see how this shoe is designed. The outer part of this shoe is designed in a way that it will look great in anyone’s feet. Impressive technology is used to design the shoe incredibly. For perfect grip and great durability you will find a feature named Vibram XS Edge. You will get Vibram XS Grip 2 in this shoe which will help you to hook your heel easily.

Lorica synthetic leather is used in the shoe to deliver great comfort after using some times as it loosens up a little bit. But it will not lose so much that it will not get out of your feet. Because of using leather it will give you long lasting durability. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the shoe as the outer side of the shoe is made of microsuede that is quite simple to clean.

This shoe is definitely one of the best climbing shoes for wide feet because of its mid length outsole constructions that gives you amazing stability and great balance while climbing on the steep terrain. You can climb on stiff terrain easily by using the shoe as the heels have loops. At the time of performing tactical maneuvers the Bi-tensioning active randing will deliver the right amount of tension that will ensure good fit as well as improving sensitivity and well support. Floating strap is used in this shoe so that it can deliver more power and extra space for wider feet if needed.


  • Lightweight to deliver great comfort
  • It is very durable
  • It delivers great grip and stability
  • Very comfortable to put on for a long time
  • Great for bouldering
  • All climbing style can be performed


  • A bit expensive
  • Can be floppy at some cases

2. La Sportiva Performance (Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet) Review

la sportiva climbing shoes

If you are looking for both indoor and outdoor rock climbing shoes then La Sportiva Performance is the one you should get without any hesitation. It is an asymmetric profile climbing shoe that is made with unlined leather to deliver the power and support necessary for steep climbing. There are two great benefits of using unlined leather in the shoe. First benefit is, it gives ventilation to your feet so that you can use the shoe whole day comfortably. And another benefit is, it makes the shape of the shoe flawless for your feet and you can feel if they are another skin of your feet.

The shoe is designed with fast lacing system which will help you to pull the laces quickly to put on the shoes easily. This quick lacing design ensures that the shoe fits perfectly to your feet and delivers you the snug and support you need to climb difficult terrain.

With a combination of synthetic and leather upper the shoe fits properly and snugly. It also ensures long-lasting performance. To increase the protection level and also to control moisture the tongue of this shoe is lined. You can completely trust on this shoe while climbing slippery rocks as it gives you perfect grip with incredible friction which is ensured by the outsole of the shoe that is made with 5mm FriXion RS rubber. So, while climbing on difficult terrains, you never have to be worried about cutting the grip in the midway of your mission.

For getting hold on micro edges the heel rand of the shoe is designed with aggressive power and perfect sensitivity. It will also get you to the top of every edge without any pain in your feet. This is one of the good climbing shoes for wide feet with its all around performance. If you are an intermediate skilled rock climber then you can enhance your skill with this shoe as it delivers great hooking, edging and many more with proper precision. With the breathable material design the shoe can keep away your feet from, sweating, overheating, cramping and odor.


  • Great durability
  • Very simple and quick to put on and take off
  • Affordable
  • All around performance
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Soft and very snug to use because of unlined leather


  • User's complained about that after few months it broke down though there were no specific proof of it. 

3. Butora Acro Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet Review

new climbing shoes

Perfectly designed climbing shoes for wide feet with incredible performance. To deliver you the best performance in climbing the Butora Acro is shaped down-turned. The exterior of this shoe is designed beautifully and the shape is also downturned which will make your feet look unique in the crowd. Its extreme build quality makes it so popular among climbers for bouldering and climbing. 

With its high tension heel rand you will get extra benefit for edging because your front toe is kept in the shoe snugly which will give your front toe all the power needed. You can even climb the limestone cliffs quite easily with this shoe as the midsole are stiff. These are definitely good climbing shoes for wide feet.

Butora claims that, with the biggest rubber surface this are most down-curved shoes out there. Because of this down-curved aggressive design the shoe can deliver a great performance while climbing steep terrain as well as in bouldering. The manufacturer used latest Neo Fuse rubber so that the rubber always sticks with the shoe. And they also performed a heat test to ensure the stickiness. Though the outsole of the shoe is just 5mm, it still gives a good partition between the rocks and your feet.

As a professional climber you must know that if you go for a shoe with aggressive style you need to sacrifice your feet comfort, but the Butora Acro gives you both at the same time.  Soft synthetic and leather material is used to make the upper part of the shoe that ensures both aggressive style and snug. The foam of the tongue and the toe box with synthetic liner can give you great ventilation inside the shoe.

 The loop strap and triple fork hook is one of the unique features of this shoe that ensures comfort and precise fit. This feature enables you to use the shoe as slipper style and still you will get the support of lace-up shoes. You can put on and take off the shoes within a very short time because of its slipper style. There are two versions of this shoe on the market one is the blue and another one is orange version. As the blue version is a narrow fit profile it is specially designed for woman. This is one of the best woman’s climbing shoes for wide feet. And the orange version is a wide fit profile which is best for men


  • Excellent for bouldering and steep climbing
  • Best build quality
  • Fits very comfortably
  • Great for edging
  • Available for both men and women
  • Amazing external design


  • Cleaning may get complex because of mix materials

4. La Sportiva Miura VS Review

This is another great model from the brand La Sportiva which is designed for climbers with wide feet. For over a decade the La Sportiva Miura VS is in the market and with the passing time it didn’t get vanished from the market it only got popular among climbers. It got vast popularity because of its great built quality as well as its versatility that makes it one of the best climbing shoes for wide feet. It is the stiffest shoes in the market and it is very good for climbing tiny edges. 

So, if you are a tough climber then this shoe is just perfect for you. Its asymmetric shape will give you the power you need to climb the toughest terrains. You can use it for different climbing situations such as slab climbing, steep climbing, technical climbing and bouldering. That’s why it is called one of the versatile rock climbing shoes.

For a long lasting performance the shoe is equipped with the Vibram XS Edge rubber technology. This feature increases climbing performance with great edging capability. They used this extreme quality rubber to give climbers excellent and perfect grip so that they can climb on hard terrains easily.

With its stiffness and down-turned shape the shoe is capable of great edging. If the rubber of the shoe gets torn a little bit still the shoe is great for edging because of its shape and stiffness. Your shoe will not get bend even if you give most pressure to your toes because of its P3 midsole. This midsole also keeps your shoe stiff throughout its lifetime. By using 100% leather on the upper part of the shoes they made this shoe more durable and it also protects your feet from external injuries. You can get hold on small and large rock holes with this shoe.

You can perform heel hooking amazingly with this shoe as the heel of the shoe is made with rubber that will stick to the rocks properly while climbing. It will also protect your heel from getting injured. On the other hand toe hooking is not so great with this shoe because of its thin rubber patch on the toe side.


  • Perfect for edging
  • Versatile climbing shoe
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Great for tough climbing
  • Excellent for heel hooking
  • Extremely durable


  • People complained about the not comfortable enough. 
  • Toe hooking is not great

5. Evolve Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoe Review

evolv climbing shoes

If you are looking for a rock climbing shoe for wide feet with a cheaper price range, then the Evolve Shaman is the best one for you. It is specially designed for aggressive rock climbers who love steep climbing. Best part of this shoe is that it is breathable because of its synthetic materials. This feature will help you to control hot weather so that your feet don’t get sore. Its asymmetric shape gives it a unique look and it will fit in your feet precisely.  The shape also delivers incredible edging power to your toes.

The Evolv Men’s Shaman climbing shoe is designed in a way that it will support your feet on hard rocks and it also ensures protection of your feet. There is a pull in part of the shoe that will help you to hold even onto the small foot-holds. This feature makes this shoe more stable with the support of climbing difficult terrains. On steep terrain, this shoe performs amazingly. A 4.2mm TRAXX rubber is used in this shoe that makes the sole of the shoe stiff and highly sticky which will help you to get an excellent grip over the rocks. This high friction rubber also ensures the perfect balance of your feet while climbing.

It features a full-length MX-P 1.5mm midsole that provides precise stiffness for great flexibility as well as extreme edging power. Its curved shape gives it an aggressive look which experienced climber will love. Its narrow toe hooks can get hold on smaller rock holes, delivering you to handle any difficult climbing situations. So, if you are in search of a snug and high performance rock climbing shoe with a cheap price range, this is going to be the perfect one for you.


  • Both aggressive and comfortable
  • Very much affordable
  • High edging power
  • Enhanced performance
  • Flexible outsole with enhanced sensitivity


  • Narrow fit maybe a little uncomfortable for some users

6. Scarpa Men’s Vapor V rock Climbing Shoe Review

scarpa climbing shoes review

Scarpa is known for making great rock climbing shoes for indoor and outdoor climbing. The Vapor V is one of the best climbing shoes for wide feet from Scarpa. It is a combination of good rand and aggressive sole that comes with genuine leather upper. These features give climbers precise fit without losing high performance. It features bi-tension active randing so that your feet fit perfectly in the shoe and gives your toe the ultimate power for edging.

This shoe is a pure beauty of both durability and comfort. The hipster stage guarantees you have pretty much enough space for your feet, yet for great stability, it holds tightly. The midsole of this shoe are made of micro suede and suede so that it lasts long. Except climbing you can do trail running, hiking etc. with this shoe. For additional flexibility and benefit it comes with split sole feature. It also ensures excellent control and great sensitivity.

 The Vapor V will provide you comfort throughout the whole day with its lower tension Achilles. To deliver you the best grip and amazing durability it has the Vibram XS Edge feature. Rubber sole is used so that it helps you to hold on the rocks easily which also ensures long lasting lifetime. You will be happy to know that it has dual power strap system. With the help of this feature you can adjust the strap to get the perfect fit as per your choice. This shoe is also great for holding onto thin cracks while climbing.


  • Very comfortable
  • Custom fit
  • Long lasting climbing shoe
  • The perfect sole delivers you great sensitivity and flexibility
  • Good value for money
  • Great for thin cracks


  • Heel cup may be a bit loose

7. Five Ten Men’s Team 5.10 Climbing Shoe Review

good agressive rock climbing shoes

If you are looking for an aggressive style rock climbing shoe with exceptional performance on the steep rock then the Five Ten Team 5.10 should be the one for you. Manufactured by the Redlands who are popular for making quality shoes with high performance and they are in the market for more than 3 decades. Its down-turned aggressive shape is the most perfect feature that is great for getting extremely well footholds on the hardest terrain. 

You can perform both smearing and edging with this versatile shoe as it has mid range stiffness which makes it versatile. Many climbers out there love this shoe because of its high performance on climbing as well as bouldering.

As the Team Five Ten is quite downturned it helps climbers to perform pulling and grabbing extremely well on feet. It will also help you to hold onto overhanging rocks. This aggressive shape gives your big toe the power even on the small points that is needed to push you up. According to experienced climbers this shoe is capable of holding onto steep rocks more incredibly than other climbing shoes. While climbing you will feel that your feet is your hand.

The shoe features Stealth HF rubber that will allow you to pull yourself up quite easily using your feet. To get desired friction this feature needs less downward force which will help you to perform greatly on overhanging rocks. It is also capable of delivering high sensitivity that is perfect for perfect footwork.

Its completely rubber topside makes the shoe great for heel hooking. You will get a balanced sensitivity and stiffness from the shoe as the upper of the shoe is made precisely sticky.

You can put on and take off the shoe easily, it will not take so much time. The reason behind this is its elastic Velcro strap feature. You will get both perfect fit and good protection because of its Ultra-thin Stealth HF rubber feature. For enough foot support the midsole of the shoe is made with medium stiff.


  • A multi purpose climbing shoe
  • High power and sensitivity
  • To take off and put on is very easy
  • Fits properly
  • Protects your feet from external objects


  • Toe box is a bit narrow
  • Not very durable

8. Butora Narsha Rock Climbing Shoe Review

butora narsha reviews

This is the latest climbing shoe on the market for climbers with wider feet. The Butora Narsha is the upgraded version of Butora Acro. It is specially designed and engineered for overhanging rock climbs with extreme edges. You will be satisfied after seeing the high performance in climbing edges. It is one of the best climbing shoes out there for edging. You can climb micro edges with full confidence with its hard 3mm Neo Friction rubber that is combined with a stiff midsole. The outsole has a sunken structure that powers the toes down a little bit to help in edging on rocks with up to 20 degrees slope.

The rand and heel system is another solid feature of this climbing shoe for wide feet which will help you to complete your climbing without get slipped from the rocks. Your feet will get great support as well as protection with the premium quality German leather that is used to make the upper of the shoe. To make heel hooking easy even on the small cracks and rock holes the shoes are very much pointy at the part of toes. These shoes are down-turned which gives it an aggressive look as well as it can perform extremely well on the cracks of the rocks.

 There are two versions of the Butora Narsha, one is wide and another one is narrow version. First version is perfect for climbers with wide feet and the narrow version is best for regular feet climbers and women. It features NFS closure strap system which will give you custom fit as you can adjust it according to your feet comfort. If you want to get all day comfort, you need to get the shoe size with your normal shoes


  • Awesome for edging
  • Good for heel hooking
  • Adjustable fit
  • Both wide and narrow version available
  • Premium quality German leather is used
  • Aggressive style for bouldering and indoor climbing


  • Sizing has issues
  • Low sensitivity

9. Evolve Elektra Women’s Climbing Shoe Review

best women's climbing shoes

The Evolv Elektra is the best climbing shoes for wide feet women. This is the best budget shoes for women with wide feet. Beginners can also start their climbing career with this shoe. It is not like other aggressive shoes that are stiff and uncomfortable. It is made with soft rubber to make it sensitive enough for you. You can simply feel the rocks under your fit while performing climbs.

It performs very well in the cracks and with its thick rubber you can move easily from one rock to another. For indoor climbing this is perfect but in outdoors the shoe cannot perform very well on small holds. You can perform toe and heel hooking well enough to complete your climbing mission. While heel and toe hooking your toes and heel both are protected well with the thickness of this shoe.

The Elektra is good enough for pocket climbing with its narrow fit. Though the shoe is good for pocket climbing but it is not so good in edging because of its circle toe box and flat sole. It is not good to get foothold on very thin edges, so it is maybe a downside.

Let’s talk about the sizing of this shoe. To get perfect fit you need to get a size of your regular street shoe. Thanks to its split tongue feature that allows you to take off and put on the shoes very easily. The upper part of the shoe is made with synthetic materials so that you get great durability. They used TRAX SAS rubber on the outsole to ensure better grip as well as long lasting durability.

Another solid feature of the Elektra is its Velcro strap closure system that allows you to adjust the fitting of your shoe according to your feet’s comfort. The stickiness of this Velcro straps will last for a long time which guarantees that your shoe doesn’t come out of your feet while climbing.


  • Best budget climbing shoe
  • Very easy to take off and put on
  • Precise fit
  • Awesome grip
  • Very good for beginners and women
  • Very good quality


  • Poor for pocket climbing
  • Not very good for edging

10. Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe Review

best rock climbing shoe for the money

Are you a newbie in the world of climbing? If you are having trouble choosing best rock climbing shoe for you then don’t worry we are here to help you out.  The Mad Rock Drifter is the best beginner climbing shoe for wide fit. It is the best budget climbing shoe for beginners. With its light-weight and long lasting durability I’m sure you will like it after using this shoe. As a new climber you will need good friction, snug, and power to expertise in the world of climbing. This shoe will offer you all these to help you gain experience in rock climbing.

The Mad Rock Drifter designed with Velcro strap closure system to give you custom fit. It has two Velcro straps which will allow you to get great grip as well as tight fit. As a climber you will be happy to know that the shoe is suitable for all types of weather. High quality leather is used to make this shoe so that your feet get snug inside the shoe without sweating. This high quality leather protects your feet from external injuries.

With its rubber sole you will get great support as well as excellent grip. You can also feel what’s underneath your feet with its great sensitivity. Another thing about this shoe is that it is a versatile shoe which means you can perform all types of climbing with this shoe.

So, if you are a beginner and you don’t want to spend lots of money to buy a pair of climbing shoes then this will be the right choice for you.


  • Flat sole shoe
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Versatile climbing shoe
  • Very much affordable
  • Genuine leather is used
  • Good sensitivity


  • Sizing is not perfect
  • Not good for aggressive style climbers

Final Word

In the above list of best rock climbing shoes for wide feet people we have tried to give you all the details you need to choose your one. All these shoes are best with its certain features and price range. Depending on your need and budget you can go with one that seems perfect for you. Don't forget to let us know your choice and why you have chosen it in the comment section and your review after using it. What you think can be upgraded and what not. 

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