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Best Scout Scope For the Money in 2018 – Top Picks By Gun Enthusiast

Getting the best scout scope for your scout rifle is important if you want to get the most out of it. Scout rifles came about from Jeff Cooper’s push to develop the perfect all-around rifle. Whether for personal or military use, scout rifles manage to bring the old-fashioned scout performance of the 19th century into the 20th.

Scout Rifle Basics

Before we go into its scopes, you’re going to need to know a bit more about scout rifles.

These rifles were first introduced way back in the 1980s by Jeff Cooper. The United States Marin may have been best-known for his pistol training concepts, but one of his big passions was for rifles for tactical shooting. He often said that pistols were the best stopgap when you needed to reach for your rifle.

Cooper published an article early in the 80s that described what he considered as the best all-purpose rifle. Calling it a scout rifle, these rifles are supposed to be short and light. The result is a bolt-action carbine that is around less than one meter in length and weighing less than three kilograms.

The first actual scout rifle was made in 1997 when Steyr Manlicher worked with Cooper to release the Steyr Scout. This broke open the market and many other gun makers followed. Nowadays, a scout rifle is a great favorite among many hunters.

Comparison on Best Scout Scope

When Choosing Best Scout Scope in 2018

The thing you have to understand with scout rifles is that scopes are actually supposed to be optional. The scout rifle needs to work well with both a simple iron sight and a scope.

For that to work, the scope has to be set where the sights will be, which is why you often see scout rifle scopes set far forward. This is a good thing since this allows you to use both eyes when aiming instead of just squinting into a scope.

If you are going to be getting a scout rifle scope, then you’re going to have to follow a few guidelines if you want to retain what makes the scout rifle so special. Here are some of the factors that you should consider.

Size and Weight

The scout rifle is all about being portable. This is why Cooper specified a certain size and weight for it. This means you’ll want a scope that lightweight and doesn’t add much to the


Scout rifles are intended to be a workhorse of a rifle. These are used for hunting, target shooting, and even self-defense. The result is that you’ll end up bringing it along everywhere. You’ll want a scope that can cope with all of that activity. It would even be better if the scope has a lifetime warranty with it.

Eye Relief

An important facet of the scout rifle is being able to aim with both eyes open. Having a scope that has a high eye relief distance is pretty important. It is also pretty necessary since the only space for scopes on scout rifles is pretty forward in position, making an attempt at close-up aiming difficult.


Scout rifles are meant to work well even with low magnifications. This is why if you’re looking for a scout rifle scope, don’t go beyond 8x in power. If you’re actually strict about following Cooper’s scout rifle principles, 4x should be your maximum limit.


It also comes down to price. You don’t want an expensive piece of kit. Try to keep within a reasonable budget when you’re hunting down a scope for your scout rifle.

Here are some of the best scout rifle scopes out there and how they stack when it comes to these criteria.

10 Best Scout Scope in 2018 - Reviews

1. Armasight Zeus-Pro Thermal Weapon Sight


The Zeus-Pro 336 is actually a bit of an overkill. Scout rifles are supposed to be cheap and dependable rifles and acting this scope does seem to violate its spirit. However, you cannot deny its wealth of features.

One of its well-known features is that it provides high-resolution thermal imaging. This allows users to keep shooting even in the most extreme conditions.

Combined with its long eye-relief, this allows it to work with a variety of scout rifles. Additional features include a digital compass, digital inclinometer, and even a battery indicator. It also allows you to change the color of the reticule.

It even has a 5-button wireless remote. It should work well with a variety of rifles. Overall, it is a good enough scope for many rifles.


  • It has a wealth of features.
  • The scope integrates with a variety of wireless devices.


  • A very high price tag makes it only feasible for those who have large budgets.

2. Leupold 119675 VX-R Scout Metric FireDot Scope


Leupold scopes are very popular because they are very rugged and well-made. The VX-R is a nice scope for a scout rifle with a six to seven inches of eye relief.

The FireDot scope is great for fast-moving targets and hunting. The red dot in the center makes it easier for you to hit, both in daylight and nighttime. The magnification is set for 1.5 to 5x, which is a decent range for a scout rifle scope.

It even has motion control technology which automatically lights up the reticule whenever the scope is moved.

Besides that, the scope is very rugged. You can bring it along for a variety of conditions. It works well for a variety of scout rifles out there.


  • Very rugged and waterproof, this scope works well in a variety of conditions.
  • FireDot system and motion control technology increases accuracy greatly.


  • Very expensive and maybe beyond your budget.

3. Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scope


Burris is another favorite scout scope manufacturer. Burris scopes are all well-made and all are impressive. One of the best examples of this is the Ballistic Plex scope. It fits well with a wide variety of scout rifles.

One of the things that make the scope a good fit for scout rifles is the long eye relief distance, which is around nine to 12 inches.

Combined with its multi-coated glass scope and durability, a lot of people are very happy with its performance though there are issues with lens clarity.


  • High magnification makes it a good choice for shooting.
  • Affordable price makes it easy to purchase.


  • The lenses are not as clear as some people might like.

4. Leupold FX-II 2.5x28mm Duplex Scout Scope

Leupold FX-II 2.5x28mm Duplex Scout Scope

Another Leupold rifle scope. This is a rather impressive scout scope, mainly because of its eye relief distance. The previous model had nine inches of eye relief but this one has up to 17 inches of eye relief. That’s rather impressive and useful for scout rifle users.

Made of aluminum, this scope is very durable and able to function in a variety of weather conditions. A lot of people will love having this on their rifle.

Though it has only one magnification setting, it does have a clear sight for the users. With an anti-glare feature, it also has a great light transmission so that you can see well in low-light.


  • Solid casing lets the scope function in different conditions.
  • Anti-glare design lets you shoot without distractions.


  • Only one magnification setting is a bit of a problem.

5. LEUPOLD VX-2 1.5-4x28 IER Scout Scope

LEUPOLD VX-2 1.5-4x28 IER Scout Scope

The Leupold VX-2 is what Jeff Cooper meant when he was asking for a scout rifle scope. The 1.5x to 4x magnification puts it well within the magnification standards he set forth.

What really sells it is the large eye relief distance. The normal eye relief is at around four inches. The VX-2 more than doubles that distance to nine inches.

That gives you the chance to keep your head away from the scope so that you can see the general field of view and the magnified view.

This thing is big though. It measures nearly a foot long. Fortunately, it weighs only around nine ounces. It also happens to be tough. The lenses are diamond-coated and the construction is solid enough to work in most environments.


  • Large eye relief distance makes it easy to use with scout rifles.
  • Clear sight for most situations.


  • It is a bit on the expensive side.

6. UTG Long Eye Relief 2-7X44 30mm Scout Scope

UTG Long Eye Relief 30mm Scout Scope

This scout scope is a rather interesting choice, loaded with a lot of features. With an 11 inch eye relief, this scope lets you aim easily. The trouble is that it is a bit heavy and bulkier than you would expect.

The scope’s features include emerald lens coating, which makes it shockproof, rainproof, and fog proof. This allows you to keep shooting even when in adverse environments.

The aiming sight is also pretty nice, with mil-dot etched glass that has varied illumination choices. You can choose 36-color mode and dual-color mode. All of this controlled by accessible buttons on the scope.


  • Very rugged scope allows you to operate in a variety of conditions.
  • A wealth of features allow you a variety of choices.


  • The scope is rather heavy and bulky.

7. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7X32


The Crossfire II lets you give your scout rifle better range thanks to its powerful magnification. Ranging from 2x to 7x, this pushes your rifle to its limits.

The scope can handle a lot of punishment thanks to its sturdy construction. Waterproof and shock resistant, it works well in a lot of environments. It even function while in a fog.

The scope has a nine inch eye relief is pretty good for a scout scope. It has pretty good image quality, even in low light conditions. The only problem is that it has difficulty with clear images when using the 6x or 7x magnification levels.


  • Long eye relief allows you to aim freely.
  • Easy to mount on to your scout rifle.


  • Problems with clarity on higher magnifications

8. Nikon Prostaff 2-7x32mm Matte Black Riflescope

Nikon Prostaff Matte Black Riflescope amazon

Nikon is a well-known name in the optics world. The Prostaff is a nice one for your scout rifle because of its very clear image quality and high power of magnification. Ranging from 2x to 7x, it should be enough to let you hit the target easily.

The lenses are fully multicoated and provide maximum brightness. You can keep shooting from dawn to dusk.

It should fit well with a wide variety of rifles thanks to its size. Combined with its rugged construction, you can take this scope anywhere.

It does have a problem with its short eye relief of three inches. However, a lot of people can work with that.


  • Very clean image quality and works well even in low-light conditions.
  • Powerful magnification levels can give you greater range.


  • Eye relief is only around three to four inches.

9. Mosin Nagant 2.5x30mm Scout Scope

Mosin Nagant 2.5x30mm Scout Scope amazon

The Mosin Nagant name is well-known for its rifles. However, it also released a scout rifle scope. At a very affordable price point, it also comes with a mount and rings.

With a 10 inch eye relief, it provides you with a pretty good aiming opportunity. It fits well with a lot of Mosin Nagant rifles and those based on their designs.

It works well in low light conditions and even has an illuminated reticule for easy targeting. Overall, this is a good choice for a cheap scout scope.


  • Very affordable price point for a scout scope.
  • Illuminated reticule helps with targeting.


  • Not as durable as other models.

10. Aim Sports Long Eye Relief 30MM SCOUT SCOPE


A very affordable scout rifle scope, this Aim Sports scope is a great choice for those who are starting out. With a long eye relief distance of 8.5 inches to 10.5 inches, you can take aim from a comfortable distance away from the scope.

The real draw is its affordability. For its price point, you get a decent scope that works from 2x to 7x magnification.

Combined with a basic anti-glare coating, you can get a lot of work from this scope. The mil-dot reticule is just some icing on the cake.


  • Affordable price for those who are just starting out in their shooting career.
  • Decent eye relief distance makes it an ideal scout rifle scope.


  • Not as good for long distance shots.

Taking the Shot

With all these choices, you should be able to find the best scout scope for your scout rifle. Though it is not totally necessary, a scope can extend the effectiveness of your shots and ensure a tight shot grouping when necessary.

Get one now to make the difference in your shots in the field and in the range.

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