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Best Tactical Belts to Buy in 2021 | Top 10 List By MilitaryGuy

Tactical belts are the belts you use to carry essential items which you want to keep within easy reach. These items are usually crucial for your own welfare & the success of whatever mission you happen to be a part of. Tactical situations include military combat, police action, search and rescue, hunting, and camping.

To find the perfect tactical belt for your  needs, you have to ensure that the tactical belt can actually carry the items you need to do your task. These may include a flashlight, tactical boots, tactical jackets,  a  radio or walkie talkie, ropes, and weapons such as guns, optics and knives as well as ammo. These belts have to be be made of tough materials, though it’s always nice if they're comfortable & look good too.

I've done the necessary research for you & reviewed the following great tactical belts:

Comparisons of Best Tactical Belts

People started using tactical belts in the early 1900's. It was a necessary addition for carrying important equipment which couldn't be carried in pockets. Tactical belts were also convenient when you needed to access an item fast. In the late 1950s and 1960s, the Sam Browne belt was a very popular choice for police officers in the USA. 

Types of Tactical Belts

There are different types of tactical belts that you can find in the market such as Trainer or Instructors Tactical belts, Tactical Riggers Belts, Tactical Gun Belts, Tactical Duty Belts, Tactical Magnetic Latching Belts and Tactical Web Belts. Based on your needs you choose the one that is right for you. They differ with regards to features and functions and the situations you can use them in.

If you want to know more about the different types of tactical belts scroll down & you'll find a description of each type of belt.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tactical Belt 

You have to consider many things when you have to decide which is the best belt for you among a list of the best belts. Deciding on the the best tactical belt for you can be a very difficult choice and so it's important that you consider the following before making your final decision:

Versatility and Comfort:

 A tactical belt must be versatile enough to perform the simple task of keeping your tactical pants up, but also secure your equipment & tools such as weapons, ammo & life saving water around your waist.

Comfort is an essential aspect to consider too as these belts are worn for many hours at a time and you don't want your belt to a hinderance to you instead of help you.

Is it Rugged and Sturdy: 

Tactical belts carry your firearms, ammo, knives, EMS equipment and other items you want to be easily accessible. The weight of these items mean that a tactical belt needs to be well constructed & sturdy so that the items are kept secure. There's nothing worse than a cheap belt that sags, flips or cuts into your belly.

These belts are often worn in harsh conditions while hunting or conducting military exercises so they need to be rugged enough to handle any environment and not restrict your movements.

These considerations are vitally important when choosing a tactical belt, so lets delve a bit deeper to find out how we know if they will meet these demands.

How to Choose a Tactical Belt

It's very important that you choose a good tactical belt. The following factors are the specific things to consider when considering which tactical belt is best for you & your needs:

  • Best Tactical Belt Materials: Nylon is the main element of most tactical belts nowadays, but not all are strong enough and a viable option. It's important that the belt you choose has sturdy stitching with a heavy-duty tensile strength.

  • Reinforced Stitching: Better quality tactical belts are made with multiple rows of reinforced stitching for augmented strength and stability.

  • Nylon Properties: Nylon dries quickly whether it's as a result of sweating, rain or wet terrain. Nylon is also a breathable material which helps you keep cool. While there are some great leather rifle belts on the market, leather tactical belts are not ideal.
  • How Rigid is the Tactical Belt: A tactical belt's rigidness is what allows it to hold up so many heavy tools without rolling, twisting or pinching the wearer of the belt. But if the belt is too rigid then comfort is sacrificed. How rigid the tactical belt system that you pick will be depends mainly on how much equipment you wear on your belt at any given time. When you're going to be carrying a 2-pound pistol, you won't require a very rigid belt. On the other hand if you are taking a bigger gun, extra magazines, a flashlight and other essentials, you may need a a tactical belt that is a bit more rigid.
  • Wider Tactical Belts: Wider belts tend to be sturdier and more comfortable for the user to wear. The wider bels also tend to be more padded for extra comfort, but this padding can cause more heat retention & sweating if out in the sun while tracking that illusive elk.
  • Buckle Strength: It's important to choose a belt buckle that is reliable & robust. It's also important that the belt buckle can easily be adjusted so that comfort is never an issue.  Many belts provide metal buckles like aluminum or steel , while others offer robust plastic buckles. This is where budget is an important consideration because metal buckles tend to be more expensive than plastic ones.
  • Ability to Adjust: Being able to adjust your tactical belt so that it carries your items comfortably is a very important consideration when choosing a tactical belt. Tactical belts with holes don't have the ability to make tiny adjustments so that your belt & the equipment it's carrying is positioned perfectly.

Best Tactical Belts in 2021 - Reviews

We've explained the different factors to consider when choosing a tactical belt. Now we review the best tactical belts on the market today.

1. Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger’s Belt

best cobra tactical belt

The belt is military grade with a tensile strength of 7,000 pounds. The D-Ring Cobra Buckle combines the convenience of the Cobra quick release with the D-Ring for rescue. 

The buckle itself is rated for 4,000 pounds while the D-Ring is for 5,000 pounds. It’s quite rigid due to an internal stiffening layer. On the D-ring side, there’s also a full rigger’s stitch.

When you wear this, it feels like you’re securing a seatbelt.


  • This can handle guns, ammo, and pouches.
  • The buckle is extremely solid.
  • It’s comfy enough to sit in.


  • The buckle is huge, so it won’t fit most loops without disassembling it first.

5.11 Sierra Bravo Plus Tactical Duty Belt Review

If you are someone who likes to take part in demanding activities, then the Sierra Bravo Plus Tactical Duty Belt can be your best companion. 

Many heavy duty tactical duty belts have a common issue, they're not very comfortable to wear. But the good news is that the Sierra Bravo Plus is a comfortable tactical belt setup. 

This 5.11 tactical belt has the signature Duraflex hardware which features a dual-belt configuration, providing the user with extended flexibility.

Made with 1680D nylon material, this belt will serve you faithfully for a long period of time. The previous 511 tactical belt models had some minor issues with water resistance, but this is not the case for the Sierra Bravo Plus. On top of that, it comes with abrasion resistance.

I would highly recommend the 5.11 Sierra Bravo Plus Tactical Duty Belt.


  • Very Durable
  • Comfortable & flexible
  • Duraflex hardware with dual belt configuration
  • Water & abrasion resistant
  • Looks great
  • Great for operational & recreational purposes


  • A bit on the heavier side

3. Relentless Tactical the Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

Hanks Belt Concealed Carry CCW Full Grain Leather Gun Belt

Many experienced law enforcement officers regard this Relentless Tactical as one of the best CCW belts. It is not only a favorite for law enforcement officers, but the belt is also something that anyone who buys will find to be very helpful and convenient.

There are many reasons behind the choosing of the belt. But the best matter about the belt is that it is like ordinary leather belts in terms of appearance. So you can use it as a standard leather belt.

The most significant difference between Relentless Tactical the Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt and ordinary belts, nevertheless, is the reason that the belt is very sturdy and robust. It is strong enough to hold a loaded handgun plus two magazines simultaneously.

However, the belt is thin and, so, more comfortable to put on than it appears. The issue you might have with this belt is that it does not stretch and is not as comfy as it should be.


  • The Relentless Tactical belt is a leather belt.
  • One of the best tactical belts for concealed carry.
  • The belt is one of the best gun belts for IWB carry.
  • Made of genuine and quality leather.
  • It can bear all the heavy gear very comfortably.


  • The belt does not as comfortable as it should be as it does not sag.

LytHarvest Reinforced Tactical Web Belt Review

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable tactical belt, then you should definitely consider the LytHarvest Reinforced tactical web belt.

This looks good even for casual wear or office wear. 

For this price point, this belt is exceptionally durable, considering the fact that it is a lightweight tactical belt.

The loop lining and the outer part of the LytHarvest Reinforced tactical belt are made of basketweave leather. To make the belt more durable, there is a four-part laminate construction. 

One problem with this belt is, it might not last for as long as you want it to if you are into heavy-duty stuff. Nevertheless, it will give you great service for more than six months.

I believe this is a great value tactical belt for the price and is a great tactical belt option.


  • Lightweight
  • Laminate construction for durability
  • Triple release polymer buckle
  • Affordable.


  • Not very long lasting.

5. Wolf Tactical Gun Belt

Wolf Tactical Gun Belt Review

This tactical belt is specifically built for concealed carry. The WOLF Tactical Gun Belt comes with 2-ply nylon webbing which provides a very stable foundation. You won’t need to worry about the belt getting bent after an extended period of use.

Reliability is the key selling point of all belts from Wolf Tactical. 

The Wolf Tactical belt is one of the best tactical gun belts on the market & is praised by many members of the military and law enforcement agencies. This is why it is also recommended for outdoor activity enthusiasts as well.

What I liked most about the Quick Release EDC Belt is its flexibility. The hybrid quick release buckle is indeed very handy when you are in a hurry.

On top of that, Wolf Tactical has a very good reputation for after-sales service. 

Combine all the positives regarding this tactical belt rig and I am more than happy to highly recommend this belt.


  • Easy to buckle & unbuckle.
  • Safe & reliable foundation.
  • Great for outdoor activities.
  • Reputable after sales service.
  • Long-lasting.


  • A bit on the expensive side

6. 5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt

5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt Review

While functionality and durability are the most significant characteristics when it comes to choosing a tactical belt, some people do want to look stylish as well. This tactical military trainer belt is the perfect choice for those people. The first thing you notice about this belt is, it looks fabulous. 

This is a tactical belt made with rip-resistant nylon mesh with heavy stitch reinforcement. This makes it strong enough that you can use it as a carry strap, tie down or emergency harness. This 5.11 tactical belt features a solid stainless steel buckle whcih has been tested for tensile strength up to 5,100 lbs. The buckle is lightweight too, so it’s good for hiking & hunting. It looks casual and inoffensive, and the color won’t fade.

It’s wide enough to handle various items, and its strength is boosted by heavy stitched reinforcements.

5.11 Tactical are one of the authority brands in the tactical industry for their quality products which is why it has 2 tactical belts on the list of Best Tactical Belts in 2021. 


  • Multipurpose use.
  • Fade & rip resistant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great for recreational use.
  • Looks very fashionable.


  • Belt sizing can be tricky

7. Condor Tactical Belt


Condor makes tactical vests and plate carriers, so it makes sense that they also make tactical belts. There’s no denying the serious nature of this belt, because it just looks so huge and “military”.

To complete the look it also comes with 2 magazine pouches. Those can accompany your large pistol along the belt. It is considered as best military tactical belt for the budget.

The plastic buckle also comes with a quick release feature.


  • It’s very comfortable to wear, even with the gun and magazines.
  • This one is also fully adjustable.
  • It’s also extremely durable.
  • The plastic buckle is easy to release.
  • It’s also convenient with metal detectors.


  • It looks very serious, but it looks off if you’re not carrying a gun.
  • It just doesn’t look good for casual days, as it makes you look like a wanna-be.

8. Bianchi Accumold 7200 Black Nylon Tactical Duty Belt

Perhaps, the best tactical belt out there that offers great features with an affordable price range.

Not just the affordability is what makes it the most valuable one, its several great features makes it the unique one.

With its 5-part laminate construction it ensures stunning durability. You don’t have to worry about accidental release of the belt as it comes with a CopLok buckle, which makes sure you get the best security.

 You can choose from its different sizes according to your waist size. The belt includes loop lining and a ballistic weave exterior to make it a long lasting tactical belt.


  • Comes with a budget-friendly price.
  • Unintended release is never going to happen as it comes with CopLok Buckle.
  • You will get good range of flexibility while using the belt.
  • Durable enough for long lasting.


  • Feels a bit heavy as the belt remains stiff.
  • Thickness of the belt may be uncomfortable for few.

9. Fairwin Heavy-Duty Military Tactical Belt

Probably, the best tactical belt that comes with a stylish design that is different from other typical tactical belts. Thanks to its quick-release and heavy duty metal buckle that will let you take this belt off easily. It is one of the best 1.5 tactical belt.

Its heavy solid construction will make sure that it never flops around even when completely loaded. However, this tactical belt can easily carry up to 1,100 pounds of weight which is just perfect if you are going for military training.

Though the built quality of this belt is quite stiff, it can still deliver you the comfort and breathability that you need while using it. To make it long lasting one of the strongest grades of nylon material is used.

There are two golden tabs in this belt and you need to press them both to open the belt. If accidentally one of tab is pressed the belt won’t open which is the best feature of this belt.


  • Strongly durable for any tactical and military training use
  • Opening the belt is very easy at it comes with quick-release buckle feature
  • Very stylish design that makes it different from other tactical belts.
  • Prevents accidental opening as it has two tabs for opening the belt


  • Attaching a concealed carry rig may be a bit difficult.
  • To use as a hip holster may not be very strong

10. Propper Tactical Duty Belt


This looks like a simple belt that you can wear with your casual pants, like jeans or khaki pants. In fact, the more you look at it, it can resemble the carrying strap of a heavy duty bag. It is one of the best men's tactical belt available in the market. 

Yet it’s a belt that’s as tough as any bag strap you can find. It’s actually made from heavy duty nylon designed for constant use for a very long time.

The buckle is made with tough plastic material too, so again you can wear it easily enough through TSA checkpoints. The buckle allows for an exact fit, so you can make sure that it stays in place around your waist.

It’s lightweight too. It uses a single layer of nylon so it’s not too rigid. This makes it easy to wear because you don’t feel its presence after a while.


  • The belt looks casual enough so you can use it for everyday trousers without getting strange looks.
  • It’s very comfy to wear.
  • The fit is exact around your waist.
  • The plastic buckle makes it easy for you to pass metal detectors with no inconvenience.
  • It’s still durable enough to hold up a fair amount of stuff, including a small handgun.


  • It can’t handle a lot of stuff and even a large handgun may overwhelm the single-layer nylon.

Descriptions of Tactical Belt Types

There are a few different types of belts, but there are a few of those that fall under the tactical belt category. The sort of belt you decide to buy should be based on your intended use. Since belts, and especially tactical belts, serve a particular purpose for the wearer you must select one that balances style, functionality and comfort.

Tactical Web Belt: 

Tactical web belts are known by many as military belts. Web belts don't have holes like everyday belts but rather have pins which uses friction for tensioning the belt and allows the wearer to adjust the belt to the perfect size for them.  A web tactical belt, if the buckle stays tensioned & the webbing is rigid enough, can be used for conceal & carry. This type of tactical belt isn't meant to hold much gear & generally is just a rugged looking everyday belt.

Tactical Magnetic Latching Belt:

Tactical Magnetic Latching Belts are a relatively new  type of  tactical belt. These belts are definitely not meant to be used  for rappelling or other activities where supporting your weight could be a matter of life or death.

Whether a tactical magnetic  latching belt would hold the equipment you require will depend on the strength of the magnet in relation to the weight of the gear you wanted it to hold. Relatively light gear such as a knife or torch should be fine, but anything heavier & I would recommend testing it with the gear on before venturing out on your next hunting expedition.

Tactical Duty Belt:

Tactical Duty Belts are designed to carry items that a police officer or a security guard would require to carry out their duties.  This would typically include items such their holster with duty weapon, pepper spray or tazer, baton, handcuffs, flashlight & keys. Duty belts need to be rigid enough to carry the gear , but also comfortable enough for an officer to get through a full shift without causing soreness & fatigue to his or her body. 

Tactical Gun Belt: 

Tactical Gun Belts are designed to hold up your pants, but more importantly, hold your holstered gun in place. Gun belts are  thicker and stiffer than your typical everyday belt because you can't have any sagging or twisting to occur when your carrying a holstered weapon.  Many tactical gun belts have internal stiffeners to help with the rigidity of the belt. These can reduce the comfort of wearing the belt, but increases it's effectiveness as a weapon carrying belt.

Tactical Riggers Belt: 

Tactical Riggers Belts are specifically designed for rappelling. These belts provide an anchor point and have a ring for a carabiner to clip into. Because your life will depend on this belt supporting your body weight, tactical rigger belts usually have a buckle that have a 5,000lbs breaking strength & the belt usually has triple reinforced stitching. These belts are ideal for other adrenaline junkie activities such as rock climbing & zip lining. However, actical riggers belts are not designed to carry your gear.

Trainer or Instructor Tactical Belt: 

Trainer or Instructor Tactical Belts will have some type of clipping mechanism for a carabiner. Although these belts can be used for emergency rappelling with the necessary training, they more regularly are used to clip into a secure system while instructing others in high places during mountain rescue training. Trainer or Instructor Tactical belts are obviously designed to carry substantial weight which is why they generally will have tension locking, heavy duty belt buckles & triple reinforced stitching.

A Brief History of the Tactical Belt

Belts have kept  people’s pants or skirts up for countless years. Belts finish off an outfit & sometimes has the functional aspect of keeping your pants from falling down. Tactical belts serve a practical purpose or function that is way beyond merely holding up the wearers pants. 

The Early Belt : Leather belts haven’t changed much throughout thousands of years. The first belts were discovered to be used in the Bronze Age, around 3300 BC to 1200 BC. Belts are one of the oldest forms of clothing worn by both men & women. Recently fashion trends determined the popularity of belts in men & women.

Belts Used For Self-Defense

In the time of the Trojan War, during 1200-1100 BC, soldiers wore three different belts. This history was referenced in The Iliad and could be considered the first types of tactical belts:

  • The Zoster, a leather girdle with decorative stones;
  • The Aorter, a belt that held a sword that was thrown over the chest which is similar to a sheath; and
  • The Telamon, a belt worn over the shoulder generally for holding items needed by the soldier

Typically, these three sorts of belts were thick enough to shield the soldiers who wore them against being impaled by an arrow!

Early Leather working:

While belt buckles and metal hooks were beginning to be cast from bronze, that would later have a more robust, reinforced iron core, leather working itself also made some advancements. Leather became a product that was precious enough to trade for as they were able to carry weaponry and other useful items.

Into The 1900s:

Belts used to be closed by tying both ends together with knots in this decade.  Glue was also used in certain instances. We can’t imagine that using glue or tying the belt buckle in a knot would result in a comfortable experience for the wearer.

The 1940s And Beyond:

There was a distinct leather shortage during World War II in the 1940s which meant that other materials were used to make belts, including ribbon & tough canvas. The belts could once again hit the mainstream scene during the relative abundance of the 1950s and 1960s.

The 1990s:

The 90s watched the rise of the iconic studded belt, a rebellious look often donned by those in the punk, heavy metal, or grunge subcultures. Studded belts and tactical belts arrived.

Final Word

In our list of the best tactical belts we've reviewed the top tactical belts on the market today. It, of course, depends on your needs and budget to make the final decision but at least you can make an informed decision based on the information we've provided. 

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