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Best Tactical Jackets To Buy – Survivalist’s Choice

Although many people may believe that tactical jackets are only used by military personnel, it is not entirely the case. Due to amazing performances offered by these jackets, all kinds of people use them for different purposes. For that reason, it is quite common for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters or hobbyists to wear tactical jackets to have better protection and comfort.

Moreover, these jackets, nowadays, come with very attractive colors and styles so that everyone can use it for everyday activities. If you are love adventure you should always make sure all your tactical gears like tactical boots, tactical belts and others are best available ones in the market. 

However, due to their immense popularity, many companies have started to manufacture them. So, it can be really challenging to pick just the right jacket while not spending too much money. Well, worry not, as we present top ten most popular tactical jackets in 2021 right below!

Comparisons on 10 Best Tactical Jacket

The history of tactical jackets/vest/armour is mostly unknown to people.  Interceptor Body Armor designed in a variety of color, camouflage to make it harder to trace  in the last of 1990s as an immediate replacement for the PASGT vest available that time. During 2000s it was used by most of the military branches of US and was still seen using by National Guard Units.

Later in 2007 IBA was replaced by Improved Outer Tactical Vest. The first edition of Interceptor Outer Tactical Vest was used by U.S Armed Forces in the year 2000. Another addition was the The Modular Tactical Vest (MTV)  a ballistic vest designed for the United States Marine Corps in 2006 which was later reinstated after conducting a massive survey.

Best Tactical Jackets in 2021 - Reviews

1. Maelstrom TAC PRO Tactical Jacket


When you are searching for best waterproof tactical jackets, Maelstrom TAC PRO surely comes on top in the list! Made with softshell fabric, it is especially designed to ensure warmth, comfort and durabilityfor all kinds of activities you are involved in.

Because of the jacket’s three-layered integrated shell fabric technology, it keeps water penetration to minimum, defects wind while retaining body heat and wicking away moisture. Also, its soft fleece liningcan be considered as one of the best tactical fleeces in the market, making sure you get the right feel in terms of comfortability.

It also comes with multiple zippered pockets allowing for better storage and easier access to any accessory and gears that you find handy. Moreover, the drawstring waist and hood are there to make sure a professional and elite look.

 If you are an outdoor enthusiast, or want to go full tactical, this is the jacket you are looking for. The manufacturing company offers three different colors (black, olive drab and coyote brown) which lookstylish and elegant.


  • Great choice as a multi-purpose jacket.
  • Very lightweight and perfect fit.
  • Three-layer integrated shell fabric technology saving you from water penetration.
  • Soft fleece to provide extra comfort and warmth.
  • Functionality of the pockets is amazing.
  • The drawstring waist and hood are designed to ensure professional fit and look.
  • The hood and the collar give a sharp look


  • The Velcro does not stick well.
  • The jackets zippers are not quality.

2. 5.11 Tactical 5-in-1 Jacket


5.11 is recognized as one of the most famous manufacturers of tactical jackets. Because of the products’precision and high quality,thousands of customers are easily attracted, especially those who are involved in law enforcement agencies.

However, this particular 5-in-1 Jacket was made to ensure you do not have to worry about your safety and performance on the field andfeel comfortable in extremely cold weather. Fromcutting-edge insulation, high quality materials and strong stitches to immediate access of hidden ID panels, it will guarantee all the necessary elements of an ideal outerwear.

Its interior has fleece liner and detachable zip off sleeve that provide mobility and durability. You’ll be happy to know that these sleeves come with lots of optimizations and configurations to suit your need.

In addition, to gain extra capacity for backing, this model features a belt back up system. The shoulders got clips where you can fit your radios. Also, the underarm side zippers facilitate better ventilation and easier access to the side arms.

Besides these features,it also shows very high performance in regard of breathability and waterproof capability. A concealed waterproof hood is available if you wish to have greater protection for your head.

Another nice feature of this jacket is if you pull off one of the chest ID panels, you can fit a velcro military-style nametape on the remaining piece easily and then can pull it out or hide away just like the bigger panel.


  • Built with sturdy materials
  • Very warm
  • Water and windproof
  • Loop and hook storm cuffs
  • Elastic Waist


  • Expensive.

3. Free SOLDIER Men's Jackets Outdoor Waterproof Softshell Hooded Tactical Jacket


Free Soldier Men’s jacket is an extraordinary choice for your daily activities as it does not compromise with quality. Crafted from strong fabrics, it offers numerous practical and functional features.

It’s quite amazing that its exterior layer is made with DINITEX softshell fabric which is known for durability. On the other hand, the interior is manufactured with fleece to ensure warmth and comfort.

It is also one of those exceptional jackets which protect you against wind, water, extreme warmth, cold or intense light. Especially, this can be considered a cold weather tactical jacket because in freezing situations, it provides you the right warmth you need.

Another very attractive feature of this model is it has many useful pockets on its chest, sleeves, and shoulders. Evidently, you get ample space to store any necessary gear. Up to seven pockets make sure you don’t come short of any required parts when you are participating in an important activity.

To meet your travel needs, two chest zipper pockets are given that you can use to fit various things such as electronics, hunting knives, small arms or ammunition and so on.

The hood is three-dimensional and features multifunctionality, water and wind resistance. Also, it can be easily hidden or expended freely. Thus, you can handle it conveniently. Additionally, the vent zipper under each arm makes more ways for ventilation and so, you will not feel congested or too warm wearing the jacket.

Suitable for hiking, fishing and camping, it is arguably one of the best tactical jackets for outdoor activities. Among a wide array of colors and sizes, you can choose your favorite Free Soldier Men’s jacket.


  • Can handle extreme cold or windy situations
  • Comes in a convenient cuff design
  • Designed with numerous pockets
  • Waterproof
  • Underarm ventilation system
  • Windproof


  • The drawstrings for the hood being inside the jacket can be annoying for some people.
  • Its waterproof capacity can be minimized with multiple showers continuously.

4. Condor Men's Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket


Condor Men’s Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell is a perfect choice for people who can’t compromise with quality but also do not want to spend a lot of money. Considering the price, it shows amazing facilities such as great breathability and waterprooffeature. It also has a full range of motion because of the polyester fabric used in its manufacturing process.

This particular model from Condor Men has tons of pockets in it so that you can easily house more than enough gears for your next journey. The sleeves have right and left biceps pockets. A single forearm pocket in the left sleeve is there to provide storage for data cards or other flat and light accessories.

While design features of hood in many tactical jackets are not very praiseworthy, its traditional pull cord makes it perfect to cinch down the opening. Moreover, it comes with a cord lock in the back of the hood.

However, on each shoulder, the jacket also has two big loop patches. As a result, this leads it to a snap for adding unit or moral patches but may surely lend a military attire. This should be given importance if you are travelling internationally very often.

In addition, it has abrasion reinforced elbows and adjustable wrist cuffs. Usually, these features do not seem available on a jacket of this price range. Also, it ensures you do not feel baggy wearing it for a long time as its measurement is given that way when it was manufactured. The design surely allows you to move your arms without uncovering your waist in most cases.

Being made specially for tactical purposes, Summit Zero jacket can be a pretty good choice for all kinds of activities such as trekking, hiking, etc. As far as the price is concerned, this is definitely one of the most affordable tactical jackets in the market.


  • Cost efficient
  • Elastic high-density fabric
  • Vast room for all kinds of gears
  • Perfect fit for all sizes


  • No zip off for hood.

5. Rothco Special Ops Tactical Soft-Shell Jacket


RothcoSpecial Ops tactical jacket is one of the best soft-shell jackets in the market, that comes with 3-layer construction whichprovide wind protection, moisture deflection and body heat maintenance.

Therefore,you can use if for any activity; whether it is for hunting or any sporting event.

Due to polyester shell, it has the advantage of having a waterproof shell and a breathable layer. This is particularly helpful on everyday journey as it gives you great versatility.

Moreover, it has an amazing hood which can be easily concealed within zipper pouch in the collar. Also, you can detach it completely from the jacket.

Coming to pocket section, this special model includes six very handy zippered pockets. Itshighrise slash zipper chest pocket with wire pass-through port and open pouch, makes room for your mobile music devices.

Then, the underarm ventilation zipper makes sure you get enough air and your body does not get excessive hot. Two-way zipper helps in easy access to the gears you put inside the pockets or around your waist.

Furthermore, its adjustable elastic hook and loop wrist cuff allow you to cinch around your gloves. While, the reinforced forearm pocket is suitable as a storage for small gears.

 Evidently, because of the jacket’s appealing design, comfortability, manufacturing quality, and more importantly, the price, you will see it in the list of top tactical jackets in 2021.


  • Concealed detachable hood
  • Wind and rain resistance
  • Fleece lined collar
  • Waterproof shell


  • May contain harmful chemicals

6. TACVASEN Men’s Special Ops Military Tactical Soft-Shell Jacket


Made from soft shell fabric, TACVASEN jacket is easily one of the best military jackets available out there. High quality and precision have made it very suitable for any outdoor activitysuch as cycling, hiking, camping and so on.

While being Lightweight and comfortable, it also features protection from wind and water. It comes with a collar hood and its sleeve cuffs have elastic hook and loop so that you can easily adjust.

Moreover, this jacket has immense storage as it comes with many pockets. You will notice two large pockets on its chest and small pockets on sleeves.

There are also forearm pocket on left arm and two zip pockets on the back and vent zipper placed under arms. For pasting military patches and logos easily, it offers Velcro patches on both sleeves.

 Manufactured by polyester this product is very affordable while not compromising with quality. It goes well in all extreme condition and makes you go full tactical anytime. The inner soft fleece of it is very light, moisture wicking and breathable, confirming it gives you optimal performance.


  • Affordable price and quality product
  • Comfortable, warm and lightweight
  • Many pockets
  • Water and windproof
  • Breathable moisture wicking fabric


  • Be careful when you are choosing the perfect size
  • The hood is not detachable

7. MAGCOMSEN Men's Tactical Army Outdoor Coat Camouflage Softshell Jacket


Magcomsen Men’s tactical army outdoor coat is one of the best budget tactical jackets out there. With its shark skin soft shell fabric, it makes sure you are warm even in the coldest winter.

 The amazing thing about it is it protects you from heavy rain and strong wind as it comes with both water and windproof technology. In addition, it also saves you from thermal issues as it has thermal drawstring.

It has several very useful pockets. For instance, it comes with two high chest pockets and two zipper back pockets where you can easily take big things like map and gloves with you. Additionally, the two sleeve pockets in it helps you carry necessary stuffs such as cellphone or mobile devices.

In the forearm pocket, which is situated on left arm, you can store small accessories such as key. While, two hook and loop tapes allow you to choose any badge you like. Also, the vent zipper under each arm helps the jacket to be more venting and breathable.

The hood is really amazing as it performs great in hostile weather. However, it is concealed and non-detachable.

 Nevertheless, this jacket offers very versatile features which is unbelievable for its price. Being very lightweight, be assured, it will deliver optimal performance when you are busy in tactical activities. For any purpose such as hiking, hunting, camping or training, this soft-shell warm jacket has got your back.


  • Very Lightweight.
  • Comfortable for skinny people.
  • Easy to Carry.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Versatile


  • As lightweight not on the high end.

8. Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Tactical Softshell Jacket


Tru-spec is one of the most popular companies in America for producing clothing for military and law-enforcement agencies. This tactical jacket is one of the best choices from the company. Made from 10 percent spandex and 90 percent flexible nylon, it is easily among the top tactical jackets in 2021.

 This model’s specialty is it has a huge amount of space provided by its numerous pockets. It comes with two sleeve pockets, two back zippers and two front pockets

The pockets on the front are specially made so that you get easier access to contents from top or bottom. These pockets are set so that you can easily have space for ballistic vest or storing holstered firearms. The side seam zipper lets you access your firearm. However, as the zippers are waterproof, they can protect you from heavy rainy weather.

The two-way stretch and gusseted underarm design in it provide you optimal mobility. While the shoulder loop patches are attached for adding patch insignia or badges.

This particular design does not come with hood, but it does have mandarin collar Velcro cuffs and flexible waist cord.

These materials make a waterproof, comfortable and light tactical jacket.The tactical jacket is made of quality and durable material to ensure reliability.


  • Nylon and spandex body ensuring wind and water resistance
  • Angled sleeve pocket with waterproof zippered closure
  • Allows you to carry firearms almost anywhere without slowing you down
  • Two angled waist pockets with hidden, waterproof zipper closures and mesh lining
  • Side seam zippers allow for easier access to duty belt or torso.
  • Numerous pockets to ensure ample space for all kinds of gears.


  • The zipper quality is poor

9. FroggToggsToadzAnura Rain Jacket


For an outdoor enthusiast, FroggToggsToadzAnura rain jacket is one of the best choices. Whether you are walking across dangerous terrain or getting yourself working in extreme weather, this model has the right equipment installed in it.

Having the seamssealed and taped, it makes sure you are pretty confident in any outdoor condition. The adjustable elastic waistband that comes with it will allow you to perform in an efficient way when you are hunting or hiking even in an extremely cold weather.

It is made from dripore material which makes it perfect candidate for being one of the best waterproof tactical jackets in the market. In addition, the seams make it very comfortable for you to wear and gives you safe experience. Be assured you will be able to use it for a long time.

 As long as the price is concerned, it may vary depending on your choices of color and size. However, it is a great value for money if you are looking for a reliable outdoor tactical jacket in 2021.


  • Available in many colors and sizes
  • Manufactured from durable Toadskinz fabric
  • Waterproof function is very reliable
  • Gives you protection through the seams


  • For some people the material may seem stiffy.

10. CRYSULLY Men’s Spring Fall Casual Windbreaker Jacket


The CRYSULLY military bomber jacket is one of the best comfortable tactical jackets in market. Because of using 95% cotton in fabric and 100% polyester in its lining, it will surely become your favorite.

Amazingly, the inside lining of this model is very soft and warm. Moreover, it comes with full-length zipper and snap buttons closer. Also, it includes shoulder straps and patch embroidery.

The CRYSULLY has an iconic stand-up collar. In addition, its multiple pockets will help you store your necessary stuffs. Besides, it has two decorative chest pockets. In those pockets, you can store small gears which you may find very helpful.

Furthermore, it also comes with two hand pockets and inside pocket so that you can carry valuable items such as your wallet. You can easily use it for all types of activities as it gives a warm and cozy feel while not being too heavy.

Most suitable weather to wear this jacket is during spring or fall season because it does not come with waterproof technology. So, you might not want to use it in extreme cold weather.

Apart from that, this is an excellent choice for the money as the price of the jacket is very affordable and it looks very stylish and feels comfortable.


  • Iconic stand collar
  • Multiple colors
  • Good price, quality, and fabrics
  • Very stylish
  • Lightweight, warm and comfortable


  • No Hood.

How to choose the Best Waterproof Tactical Jackets in the Market

  • Purpose

While buying a tactical jacket the first thing that you need to consider is for what purpose you are going to use it. Some people may wear it casually, while others may wear it at work. Also, a great number of people will use it when they are engaged in recreational activities, hunting or competitive games.

Whatever the purpose may be, you should make your purchase of tactical jacket depending on that. For instance, in work environments, there are special codes for uniform and so, you might want to check if the targeted jacket goes well according to workplace standard.

  • Environment or weather condition

Another big factor while choosing the right tactical jacket is to consider the condition you will be wearing it. It means you need to pay attention whether your jacket can sustain the environment or weather condition you will be engaged in. For instance, if you are going to explore humid or wet area or it is rainy reason, you will want to choose a jacket that has waterproof facility.

In addition, you may also want dustproofing in your jacket as accumulated dust might prevent you from performing to the fullest. Besides, if your target area has something that can lead to stains from oil, blood or grease, you may want to wear a jacket that has stain-proofing. So, in basic sense, you need to make sure you have chosen the right tactical jacket based on your environment.

  • Material

The material of a tactical jacket greatly defines how much capable it is to suit a particular need of yours. The way a jacket is stitched and sealed, and the materials being used in it, ensure whether it will offer operability or durability.

Trust me, there are many tactical jackets out there being made from a wide range of materials and it is only natural you may get confused. Well, you don’t have to worry because by paying attention to your purpose and needs and the jacket’s specification, you can easily pick the right one.

For activities where you need to feel light at your feet, you need to choose those tactical jackets which are quick on feet and can allow you jump over obstacles without any difficulty. Besides, environment and weather condition will also affect your decision to look for specific materials in the jacket. If you are staying in a wet and cold climate, make sure you choose materials which facilitate warmth.

Another thing to consider is stealth and sound. This leads to picking right fabric covering and design. Whether you need to conceal many equipment or need to be quiet, a perfect choice of fabric will ensure that.

  • Size

Size is an integral part while choosing any clothing material. If it does not fit properly, there is no point buying it. Thus, when you try to pick a suitable tactical jacket, make sure you pay close attention to the overall size of it. It means that you need to look closely in different parts of the jacket such as neck fit, armpit, back fit, sleeves and so on.

Also, your performance in various activities can be affected by the size of tactical jacket. For instance, if your jacket is too big in size, it will mitigate your efficiency and you may look shabby. Additionally, you should also check the size of the hood; whether it can cover your head properly while ensuring comfort.

For you will use tactical jacket for activities which are tactical in nature, it is essential you choose the one that gives you flexibility while moving.

  • Storage capacity

The best tactical jacket should also have the most storage so that you don’t miss out any important accessory while you are hunting or hiking or any other activities. For what purpose you are using the jacket will determine how many pockets or which type of pocket you may need in the jacket.

  • Durability

Durability is also very important when looking for the best military jacket or in general, the best tactical jacket in 2021. This ability ensures that your jacket can sustain extreme weather.

Not only harsh weather, but also repetitive use should not make it less functionable than before. It means that you should only choose a jacket that can last for a long time.

  • Layers

In tactical jackets, you may find multiple layers. Make sure you check each layer and from which material it is made of. By doing so, you can easily understand whether it will deliver a suitable performance considering your target activity.

There are many layers used in the tactical jackets such as smooth inner lining, thermal or insulated layer, specific outer lining. You would want these layers to provide you durable and comfortable experience.

  • Stitching

Stitching is something you should pay attention to ensure your jacket lasts longer. If stitching is done in a poor way, you will not have the amazing feel wearing it after you have used it few times. Make sure you check double stitching is done as it will reinforce the layers and key areas inside your jacket.

Buying Factors for Choosing The Best Tactical Jacket

  • Waterproof

For any user, having waterproof feature in a tactical jacket is a great advantage. Specially in rainy weather or in places where there is a chance of getting soaked, it is must have to have this facility. Water-resistant jackets will hinder water from soaking you and you will have better performance on the field.

  • Windproof

In addition to waterproof, you may also consider having windproof facility for your jacket. Best tactical jackets in the market are offering this option. Not to mention, having this feature will help you be steady in heavy wind when you are engaged in an important activity.

  • Venting

Venting are basically panels of fabric on clothing which allow for flowing of air easily. However, greater air flow can be possible not only by that, but also by having zippers on the jacket. These air flow passages are usually seen under arms or in front or behind the torso.

  • Moisture-wicking

This is another important feature you might be interested in. moisture-wicking feature means absorbing water from your skin and release it on the outside of your jacket so that your clothing keeps dry. Usually, natural fiber tends to have this ability more than synthetic fibers because they are breathable.

With this feature, your jacket gives you firm and active feeling on the field so that you stay focused.

  • Hood

This is an obvious part. For any jacket, you would also want to check out the quality of hood. So, when you are shopping for tactical jacket, it is only natural you should check whether the hood is enough to cover your head properly or whether you want it to be detachable.

  • Color Options

We all have our own preferences and when it comes to clothing, color is a big difference-maker. As tactical jacket is intended to be used in tactical activities, you may see lots of jackets with camouflage option.

Also, you may see the color Army green many times. However, you can always choose the color that you seem fit.

Final Word

There are plenty of reasons to settle down with a right tactical jacket for your next hunt on the field. So, while picking it from thousand options, make sure you follow our guideline to avoid confusion. No matter what you choose, you should keep some basic things such as weather, purpose, size in your consideration.

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