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Best Women’s Concealed Carry Options


Sometimes, it can feel like we simply cannot have it all. If you want to look feminine and stylish while also being prepared to defend yourself, you are out of luck; or so it seems. There are many women’s concealed carry clothing and gear options, you just need to know where to look. Consider this your “start” of the race to the glorious combination of the best women’s concealed carry options that combine fashion and protection.

You are guaranteed to walk away from this short read with a new, free mindset. You can be a strong, independent woman while also dressing feminine and feeling beautiful. Read on for how.

Methods for the Best Women’s Concealed Carry Options

First we have to get a few basics out of the way. Choosing the best concealed carry gear is going to depend on the situation, climate, and type of firearm. These options range from clothing, to specialized holsters, and bags. Most handgun experts recommend carrying on your body at the appendix position because it gives you the quickest and most concealed draw, but this is not always possible.

If you’re considering buying a purpose built piece of concealed carry gear, then make you sure you practice your draw and try to find one that suits your training style, as well as, your fashion style.

These options will provide you with a bunch of great ideas for different ways to protect yourself while looking good in any situation.

1. Alexo Athletica Signature Conceal Carry Leggings

Never let anyone tell you that you cannot be comfortable while concealed carrying. You can have your cake and eat it too with the Alexo Athletica brand of leggings. Alexo Athletica has created the comfortable spandex and nylon leggings you desire while also including pockets to holster your weapon, as well as carry your extra magazine. You can carry at left or right appendix and carry at left or right kidney positions.

Alexo Athletica  OD Green leggins with appendix carry pocket, spare mag, and cell phone pocket

Safety is always the priority, and these beautiful leggings are easy to carry safely with, by using a stand-alone trigger guard or even a small kydex holster. These leggings offer full coverage, so you will feel confident whether hiking, working, or going to the gym.

2. Dene Adams Platinum Active Bra Holster

Dene Adams is known for creating activewear that moves with you without making you feel uncomfortable as you conceal carry. This bra holster is form fitting, guaranteeing full coverage, support, and a smooth draw of your weapon. You can order this bra with either a left- or right-hand draw, and it comes in a variety of sizes from small (32-34 B-C) to 2XL (40-42 C-DDD), making this a viable option for many women.

A fast breakaway retention strap and a trigger guard are both built in, giving you peace of mind as you securely holster your weapon. This product gives you a moderate amount of support, but it can easily be worn over the top of another bra to give you extra support during various activities.

The best part? This bra has been proudly made in the USA.

3. Undertech Undercover Scoop Neck T-shirt

This scoop neck t-shirt has a distinctive feature under each arm that always gives you easy access to your weapon. This shirt is made of a micro and polyester fabric blend, giving it the ability to keep you cool even while on the range during the sizzling summer. This product comes in three neutral colors; white, black, and nude.

Undertech Undercover Scopp Neck T-Shirt with cross draw under shoulder draw

This gives you the ability to pair the Undertech Undercover scoop neck t-shirt with a variety of accessories and clothing options you love. For only $59.99, you can wear the same beautiful products as those of the FBI, police officers, and other civilians alike. You will be able to wear it proudly, too, since this product has been made proudly in the USA.

4. 5.11 Tactical Taclite M-65 Jacket

If it is feeling a bit nippy outside, it can be difficult to conceal your firearm successfully. During colder months, it is necessary to wear layers. However, these layers can hinder you from the ability to access your firearm in an ample amount of time. 5.11 offers a way around this issue with the conceal carry M-65 Jacket.

This stylish jacket has a vintage look that pays homage to the M-1965 U.S. Army Field jacket, while offering warmth and easy access to your weapon. The pass-through pocket on either side of this Jacket offers the ability to grasp your firearm from your holster in case of emergency.

The jacket is made with Teflon coating to repel water on the outside and with a satin lining on the inside for a comfortable outerwear option you will love.

5. Can Can Classic Hip Hugger Holster

If classic holsters are more your speed, Can Can has created a classic hip hugger holster that conforms to the natural curves of a woman’s body. It comes in a variety of sizes including small (29”-32”), medium (33”-36”), large (37”-40”), and extra-large (41”-45”).

The five-inch-wide classic holster is compatible with both 9mm and .380 caliber firearms. For comfort that lasts all day, the military grade elastic is versatile and can hold up to four firearms, an extra magazine, a cell phone, and a pocket knife. This makes you prepared for any situation you could encounter, and you can be comfortable while doing it.

These hip hugger holsters come in a variety of colors, one of the most interesting being the “patriotic” option where they have included embroidery in red, white, and blue. This ambidextrous holster can be yours for $70.

Treat yourself and have protection wherever you go with the Can Can classic hip hugger holster.

6. Gun Tote’n Mamas Concealed Carry Handbag

If you are looking for comfort and concealment, then a stylish off-body option than Gun Tote’n Mamas has stylish high quality, handbags that are designed for concealed carry. This gives you the option to carry your weapon for either a left- or right-handed draw, and comes with a standard holster that will mount to the interior of the purse for easy retrieval.

Gun Toten Mamas Ostrich distressed black leather tote concealed carry handbag

Gun Tote’n Mamas builds their bags with slash resistant straps and includes extra compartments for other accessories you may want to keep on you. There bags are made from premium cowhide leather, so they’re tough, but from a fashion perspective, they hold their own against luxury bag designers.

Gun Tote’n Mamas Concealed Carry Handbags are perfect for when you want to be armed, but don’t want to draw any attention.

Conclusion – Choosing the Best Women’s Concealed Carry Options

When conceal carrying a weapon, it can be difficult to find stylish and comfortable things to wear that also hide your weapon.

Each of the above options are the best women’s concealed carry options to give you easy access to your weapon in case of emergency while also being comfortable and not overly hot or weighed down. Having multiple options to carry your weapon can give you an advantage during an altercation since no one will know you are carrying a weapon, and you can quickly and smoothly access it.

No matter what option you choose, or if you choose multiple options, you will not be disappointed with your newfound way to carry your weapon.

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