8 Best Scope Mounting Torque Wrench Reviews in 2021 | Toolguy List

In this article I’m going to give you a brief explanation of  what a scope mounting torque wrench is and how to choose the best rifle scope torque wrench. First we need to know what is torque? It the force that makes an object rotate about an axis. So, basically a torque wrench is used […]

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Best Night Vision Scope

Best Night Vision Rifle Scope Reviews of 2021

As the name suggests, night vision scopes are scopes used to see objects in low light conditions. After being introduced on the battlefield of world war 2, night vision scopes primarily remained an instrument used by the military. Due to unavailability, high expense, and strict regulations, civilian shooters were prevented from using night vision scopes. […]

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Zero Rifle Scope

How to zero a rifle scope

Zeroing a rifle is a process that makes sure that bullets hit the point centered on the reticles or crosshairs.  It is achieved by adjusting the scope in the way that we describe below. It is also known as ‘sighting in a rifle.’  A rifle is zeroed in when the bullets hit the target, with […]

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How does a rifle scope work

How Does A Rifle Scope Work

The purpose of a rifle scope is to enable your eyes to see far-away objects more clearly by magnifying the targets. But how does a rifle scope work? Without the power of magnification, your naked eyes can’t see clearly enough when targets are far away. Not seeing a target clearly puts hunters and gun enthusiasts who […]

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How To Mount A Rifle Scope

Most casual shooters prefer a professional gunsmith to mount their scope on their rifle. But some rifle owners prefer to mount their scopes on their weapons themselves. Apart from being relatively hard work, it brings joy to many serious gun enthusiasts. Mounting a rifle scope by oneself comes with its benefits as well. The shooter […]

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AR 15 Rifle Case

How to choose a AR 15 Rifle case

AR 15 rifles are some of the most expensive rifles for rifle enthusiasts to purchase, and so if you own an AR 15, you need to keep it safe at all times. Using an AR 15 rifle case, you can transport and carry it in a much easier way. You are also able to restrict […]

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How To Choose The Best Rifle Case

Whether you are going to war, hunting or taking a trip to the shooting range, you need to choose best rifle case to have a way to carry your rifle. In most countries, you are required to keep your rifle in a locked case when transporting it. A rifle case will protect your rifle and […]

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Best Rifle Scopes Under 300 Dollars – Experts Recommend These

Every rifle owner wants a scope that works well with his weapon and increases its performance. The main challenges of a good riflescope are to withstand the environmental factors, negate the wind, parallax faults and focal errors. It has to stay on course and provide good service to the users for a long period of […]

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Best Tactical Belts

Best Tactical Belts to Buy in 2021 | Top 10 List By MilitaryGuy

Tactical belts are the belts you use to carry essential items which you want to keep within easy reach. These items are usually crucial for your own welfare & the success of whatever mission you happen to be a part of. Tactical situations include military combat, police action, search and rescue, hunting, and camping. To find […]

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Best Rifle Bags – Top 10 Best Rated List From A Gun Enthusiast!

No matter what you use your firearm for, having one of the best rifle bags to transport your rifles and accessories such as your best rifle scope & your best rifle laser is a must. When transporting your weapons, making sure they won’t be damaged is a top priority, so finding an awesome rifle case […]

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