Best AR-15 Bullet Buttons

Many firearms enthusiasts living in the U.S. already know that the 16” AR barrel is the shortest length that you can own without having to register the rifle through the NFA, with few exceptions. However, many people aren’t familiar with a bullet button or what constitutes the best AR-15 bullet buttons and its intended purpose. […]

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Concealed Revolver Draw from a purse

Best Women’s Concealed Carry Options

Introduction Sometimes, it can feel like we simply cannot have it all. If you want to look feminine and stylish while also being prepared to defend yourself, you are out of luck; or so it seems. There are many women’s concealed carry clothing and gear options, you just need to know where to look. Consider […]

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Choosing the Right Scope Magnification

Introduction You’ve picked out your weapon of choice, most likely an AR-15 type rifle because it will cover a wide range of applications. You’ve considered the length of the AR pistol barrel or rifle barrel that you want your gun to have, so you can use it for medium to long range or shorter distance […]

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Holosun Red Dot Sights attached to pistol slides

Best Features of Holosun Red Dot Sights

Have you heard about Holosun red dot sights? Holosun is an up-and-coming company with many varieties of sights. There are some cool and unique features that come with each version, from the most economical sight to the most expensive. No matter where you fall in price range, there will be accessories made just for you. […]

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Why Is The AK 47 The Most Popular Rifle In The World

Today, we’re going to be looking at one of the most popular firearms designs in history, the AK 47. We do this in an attempt to answer the question of its popularity. Now, almost eighty years after its first design, the AK-47 and its variants and descendants are popular firearms with militaries, law enforcement, and […]

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durable ar 15 scopes

What Are the Most Durable AR-15 Scopes?

With such a tremendous proliferation of low or high-powered optical systems today, even the most veteran AR15 rifle or semi-automatic pistol owners sometimes struggle with what scope to mount on the gun’s upper receiver or slide. Typically, the final decision will be AR 15 scopes that best match the shooting requirement intended, and this, unfortunately, […]

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pistol cleaning kit

What Is The Best Pistol Cleaning Kit?

Many firearm enthusiasts are known to have a variety of guns in their cabinets. Such as an AR15 with a uniquely configured upper receiver, one or two shotguns, and a few small handguns. For most, utilizing a suitable cleaning kit generally means having a universal kit. This is to accommodate multiple styles, calibers, and barrel […]

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varmint gun

How to Build an AR-15 Varmint Gun

Using the AR-15 to build a practical varmint gun just makes sense. With the plethora of manufacturers jumping on the AR-15 bandwagon over the past decade or more, finding things like AR15 lower receiver conversions that can put you into an elite tier as a varmint hunter is very easy. So, what do you need […]

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Best Soft Rifle Bags

Best Soft Rifle Bags Reviewed – Top 10 List From A Gun Enthusiast!

No matter what you use your firearm for, having one of the best soft rifle bags to transport your rifles and accessories such as your best rifle scope & your best rifle laser is a must. When transporting your weapons, making sure they won’t be damaged is a top priority, so finding an awesome rifle […]

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Best Rifle Laser Reviews of 2022

A quality rifle laser has the ability to significantly improve the accuracy of experienced hunters and marksmen. They would love to add these accessories to their wish list. There are many different types of rifle laser products, with various features to choose from. Knowing which is the best rifle laser to serve your particular needs […]

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