BSA 8-32X44 Platinum Series Rifle Scope Review

A good riflescope will guarantee you the right target with increasing the chances to hit it perfectly. A Riflescope with better lens will improve your shooting skills by providing a better view and clearer vision of the target. That’s exactly why you should read our BSA 8-32X44 Platinum Series Rifle Scope Review.

BSA 8-32X44 Rifle Scope Features

Looking for shockproof, waterproof and durable riflescope for long-range hunting, then the BSA 8-32X44 Platinum Series Rifle scope is the right choice for you. Let us discuss about the features of this excellent riflescope.

Multicoated Lens for Better Light Transmission

This BSA Platinum 8-32X44 has wonderful features for a limited budget scope. The multicoated optics will give you clear and sharp images of the objects through the scope.

The optical system comes with improved light transition to ensure perfect brightness. The high-definition image will give you sharp shooting ability. You will not lose focus while firing at the target.

Adjustable Turret for Easy Locking In

The BSA 8-32X44 Platinum Series Rifle Scope comes with an adjustable turret system. Target turret helps the shooter to lock in accurately. You can adjust it freely when shooting from different ranges.

You can move the adjustable turret vertically and horizontally to shoot the target. You can reset the turret to zero for maximizing your vision accuracy.

Wonderful Optical Performance

According to HomeVerge, This BSA Platinum 8-32×44 scope will give you perfect vision and eye relief for looking at the target for a long time. The magnification of 8-32x is pretty decent for long-range shooting.  The lens and the scope are made in a way that will give you proper eye relief.

The multicoated lenses are perfect in day to night conditions. If you are looking forward to zooming in on a long-range target, the Mil Dot reticle will help you maximize your image quality to lock in on the target.

Maximum Target Accuracy

The BSA 8-32X44 Platinum Series Rifle Scope comes with parallax tuning system. The 1/8 MOA elevation clicks along with the adjustment give you the ability to maximize the accuracy to hit the target perfectly.

The fluent zero to zooming facility provides consistent vision for one target to the next. The cross hair 1/8 MOA dot reticle helps you to shoot a long-range target by locking in the exact point by the dot.

Build Quality and Dimensions

BSA manufacture some wonderful riflescopes, which are built perfectly to last longer. The BSA 8-32X44 Platinum Series Rifle Scope is a top-class product made with high quality materials for durability.


  • The adjustable turret can be reset to zero
  • Provide wonderful optical performance to hit the target accurately
  • Multicoated optics help you hunt in different lighting conditions
  • Wonderful build quality for durability
  • Water, shock and fog resistance
  • Crosshair and dot reticle will help you easily locking in on the target


  • Some people say that the crosshair is little thin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the BSA Platinum 8-32×44 Include Mounts?

A: It comes with no mounts, but the makers do provide dust covers with it.

Q: I Want to Use Mounts with the BSA Platinum 8-32×44? What is the Tube Size?

A: It comes with 1” Tube.

Q: Can anyone use the BSA Platinum 8-32×44 with Win 300 Mag?

A: The BSA Platinum 8-32×44 Riflescope is Shock-proof. It can be a great fit to that type of guns.

Final Verdict

You will be pleased with this wonderful riflescope considering the features and quality it provides. You will have a sharp and clear image of the object with fine crosshair to lock in. The multicoated lens and adjustable turret will help you to shoot the target accurately.

I hope that reading our BSA 8-32X44 Platinum Series Rifle Scope Review will help you make a decision whether it’s the correct rifle scope for your needs. Happy shooting!

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