Holosun Red Dot Sights attached to pistol slides

Best Features of Holosun Red Dot Sights

Have you heard about Holosun red dot sights? Holosun is an up-and-coming company with many varieties of sights. There are some cool and unique features that come with each version, from the most economical sight to the most expensive. No matter where you fall in price range, there will be accessories made just for you. Once you look at these Holosun red dot sights, you will never want to go with another brand. Holosun is reliable, easy on the eyes, and easy to operate.

There are many different series of red dot sights, each having a different combination of technology and features. Below is an explanation of each series and an explanation of the unique features offered by Holosun.

The 403 Series

Holosun 403 red dot optic with a solar failsafe

The Holosun 403 is the most economical of choices ranging from $205 to $258. This series has the option of 12 brightness settings and they are compatible with night vision devices. The cheapest option, the HS403R, features a T10 L Key, a rubber cover, a low-profile mount, a rotary switch, and up to 50,000 hours of battery life with a 2MOA dot. The amount of battery life alone makes this a go to option for many consumers. The most expensive in the series, the HE403C-GR, also has the above features plus a Solar Failsafe and a Green Super LED. For just a few dollars more, this upgrade in the 403 series is well worth your while.

The 503 Series

Holosun 503 red dot sight with a picatinny mount

The 503 series ranges in price from $294 to $341. The cheapest option on this line, the HS503R, includes the new rotary switch, a Multi-Reticle system, 12 brightness settings, 50,000 hours worth of battery life, and Holosun’s super LED.

The 515, 530, and 506 Series

Holosun 515 reddot sight with lens covers

There are 3 more series in the Holosun lineup, ranging in price from $376 to $623, depending on the features you desire. The 515 series has a quick release mount, flip-cap lens cover, and kill flash insert. The 530 and 506 series feature 30mm red dot sights with a titanium body as opposed to the 20mm features in the other Holosun products.

As you read each set of Holosun products, you will see unique features that sound cool, but you may not recognize them or be familiar with what they mean. Below are explanations of each unique feature Holosun includes in each of their products. If you see a feature you must have, you can search on Holosun’s website to see which products contain that feature.

Solar Failsafe

The Solar Failsafe is an innovative feature trademarked by Holosun that keeps your red dot optic running even if the battery fails. It even has an automatic brightness setting that will assist you in setting the sight without having to adjust the multiple brightness settings. This makes it easier to adjust to ambient lighting if you move indoors after being outside.

Shake Awake

Shake Awake is another innovative feature trademarked by and especially designed by Holosun to assist you in your hunting endeavors. If you are not using the LED, it automatically turns off to save power. Do not worry, though, you can set it to turn off after a set amount of time that you choose. It will not turn off on you in the middle of a stakeout if you do not want it to. You can even disable the shake awake feature entirely if you want to, allowing it to be left on for up to 100,000 hours. This feature is only available on certain models, though, so you will want to be aware of which model you purchase if this is important to you. At the slightest movement, the shake awake feature will turn on the LED. There is not much work involved at all in enabling and disabling this feature.

Multi Reticle System (M.R.S.)

Reticle systems are those that allow you to use lines inside of the optic system to help you determine how far away your target is from you. A multi reticle system, or MRS for short, allows you to use multiple of these lines in one optic. For most of the Holosun models, their MRS gives you the choice of a 2 MOA red dot or 65 MOA red circle. This allows you to have the proper reticle to help you catch the target at hand.

Super LED

The super LED employed by Holosun technology allows you to use the LED in the brightest areas and the areas with no light at all. This opens more opportunities for you to engage the red dot sights. They also have green and gold options for those who have difficulty seeing the red dots.

Multilayer Coatings

The multilayer coatings used in the Holosun help reduce glare while giving you the most light and comfort through the lens. Holosun has experimented with different coatings and combinations of optic layers to create the best product for you. Once you try a Holosun, you will not want to go back to any other type of optic.


Grade 5 titanium is used in certain Holosun red dot sight models. The titanium creates strength and durability that cannot be matched. According to Holosun’s website, “Holosun Grade 5 Titanium has more than double the tensile strength and as high as five-times the fatigue strength of 7075 Aluminum.” If that is not enough to make you excited about the Holosun series, the grade 5 titanium is resistant to sea water.


Holosun came to be in 2013, and their goal has always been to create sights with the most up-to-date technology possible. Whether you prefer the Solar Failsafe, Shake Awake, Multi Reticle System, Super LED, Multilayer Coatings, or Titanium, Holosun makes the best product for you and your needs. Check them out today and discover which series has your best interest in mind. You are guaranteed to not be disappointed. If you need a red dot sight that will last for a long time, will be easy on the eyes, and will stay on for the duration of your time hunting, a Holosun red dot sight is for you.

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