How to Open a Sentry Safe without a Key or Combination

Let us talk about Sentry Safe today, one of the most authentic brands ruling the Safe market for a long time. Also, a lot of gun owners love using Sentry Safe, a USA based manufacturer, keeps your goods safe and secure with their nuanced sense of variation.

We always have to keep our guns safe from everyone. So having gun safe is necessity for those who have gun and it can also be used for other purpose like storing valuable items. But choosing the best gun safe is pretty tough as most of these safes can be opened easily with a few tweaks and tools. Today we will show you a few ways to open a gun safe specially from the Brand Safe Sentry.

The Safe Sentry products are ETL (extract, transform, and load) verified. If your safe burns in the fire for two hours, it will still stand the same with its tough protective features to give the highest level of security to your assets. 

With high safety come high complications. The opening method of the safe is hard to remember if you have set a complicated combination. Forgetting the combination or losing the key of the safe can be worsened than you think. 

Safe Boxes With Numbers

Top 5 Best Sentry Safe to Buy

  1. AmazonBasics Steel
  2. SentrySafe SFW123GDC
  3. Digital Safe-Electronic Steel Safe (Best Seller)
  4. Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe (Amazon’s Choice)
  5. SentrySafe HD4100

Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to impair the security system and recover those commodities from the safe. So, let us plan about opening Sentry Safe without a key or combination.

Aha! You do not need to go and run with this product. We hope you have all the equipment at home to open the safe. All you have to do is keep yourself persistent. Don’t you have nail cutter or paper clips or drill at your home? If one of these things is available at your home, you can be the person who can open sentry safe without a key or combination

How to Unlock a Sentry Safe without a Key

So, which tools do you need?

  1. A nail cutter
  2. Paper clips or
  3. Drill 

These are the tools that you will need to open the safe when the last option of replacing keys from the manufacturer is not possible. I recommend you call over the phone and first ask for whether any principal remaining there to give you. Whatever, if they deject you, you do not lose your hope instead follow the instructions of unlocking a Sentry Safe bellow:

How to open Sentry Safe with a nail cutter

Yes! You are reading correctly. A nail cutter can help you to open a Sentry Safe. At first, you will have to use the nail file to remove the lock. 

Use the following instructions for doing the entire process correctly:  

  • At first, find a nail cutter.
  • Then uncover the nail file from this. 
  • After that, make the file flat-out and knot the head of the file head of the lock. 
  • Now jerk the nail system for a while 
  • Then begin rotating it till it is compact in the lock. 
  • Keep turning until you listen to a “click” sound, which confirms you have completed the work. 

Aha! Now, you have completed an adventure by opening the Sentry Safe with a nail cuter.

How to Open Sentry Safe with paper clips

  • The process of opening with paper clips is a more natural way than any other options. You will require two paper clips and one needle nose pliers for the entire process.
  • At the very outset, take in a paper clip and flex it in a 90-degree angle correctly using your finger. 
  • After that, you will need to flex the bigger leg tip of the clip at a 90-degree angle; you can apply pliers for this action. 
  • Now, band the other leg tip of the clip, and then the clip will appear like it is twisted. 
  • Twist the second paper clip with the assistance of your finger at a 180-degree angle. 
  • Turn the tip of the second paperclip at a 45-degree angle using pliers. The paper clip will appear like a feeler pic. 
  • Now it’s time to apply the wrench-a-like paper clip. 
  • Take the clip and implant it at the foot part of the lock. 
  • Take the feeler-a-like paper clip and embed it in the upper part of the lock. 
  • Now begin to press up the pins in the lock. 
  • Go on until you hear the “click” sound. The click sound means you implanted in the right place. 
  • You may require repeating the process more than once for unlocking the lock. 
  • Make sure you are turning the pins clockwise, not anti-clockwise, while opening the safe.

How to Open Sentry Safe with Drill or cutting machine

The Sentry Safes are extremely valuable for protecting your valuable assets from fire. However, most of the models lack stout features to confine a drill machine. Anyway, it is not going to be a too easy task to open the lock with a drill machine.

 It is quite stiff for the individuals to break the lock with drills. However, you can call a skilled millwright or machinist who can perform this comprehensive job skillfully. Most of the models from Sentry safe lack copper strip, which results from a lack of strength against cutting tools such as burner bars, cutting torch, etc. 

Nonetheless, those instruments are dangerous, and they require to be applied very carefully.

Here is a Video from Lock’s Smith on opening sentry safe within just 5 seconds!

Open Sentry Safe in less than 5 seconds!

To conclude, let us know about the pros and cons of a Sentry Safe.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Sentry Safe

People are becoming machines day by day. They are too busy working and earning money to go to a bank to reserve for the future. Many people do not have the intention to save it for their future. In that case, that workaholic man or the better-half may get a one.

Let’s talk about the benefits of the Sentry Safe

Security: A Sentry Safe at home is having a secured bank in the house. Your relevant documents, guns, or anything that you want to hide from children can stay in a safe place that no thief or burglar can steal from the safe, and it is a 100% guarantee.

Fire-resistant: This is the most amazing feature of a Sentry safe. But the duration is only for two hours. it can tolerate burning for this duration. Eventually, if your house catches fire, do not become nervous much for the things in the Sentry Safe; they will stay intact there in the safe. But all you have to make sure that the Sentry Safe comes with the fire-resistant feature.

Fewer insurance taxes: Hello, heavy taxpayers! You have excellent news. The Sentry Safe plays the role of protector of your valuable things; you will not have to think to lose anything quickly if you have it in your home. And it also saves your pennies and protects you from paying high insurance rates. 

Relax: When you have Sentry Safe at your home, you will get a stress-free life and every night you can enjoy a good sound sleep. I am not joking. If you have faith in Sentry Safe, it will keep everything safe in its chest. 


Yes. It may be harsh. But this is true. There are few drawbacks of Sentry Safe. It is a little heavier. You cannot move it that easily. 

Let’s summarize the whole thing; Sentry Safe is a great protection option to keep your valuable assets safe. When a person stuck in opening the safe, the above discussed instructions of opening without keys and combination will help one to get it open with a nail cutter, drill machine, or paper clips. But keep in mind, Sentry Safe is a precious thing for many people. They do not want to open this way. As a result, it may ruin the Sentry Safe forever. So try to inform the post-sell product service center. If you don’t get any response from the manufacturer then use these instructions. 

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