How To Thread A Rifle Sling – Professional Guide

Are you a lover of guns and rifles? Then you’ll understand how important a rifle sling is. Rifles are quite heavy, and carrying them around can be very tiring. Rifle slings allow you to comfortably carry your rifle without getting tired and have your hands free if you need to engage in other activities. With the best rifle slings, you can also become a perfect shooter as the rifle sling will help you aim at your target and stabilize your rifle.

To get a rifle sling working correctly, you also need to know how to thread it. In this article, we have given details on the best way to thread a rifle sling.

Importance of a Rifle Sling

Other than enabling you to carry your rifle on your shoulder, the rifle slings ensure your hands are free in case you need to carry anything else on your hands.

A rifle sling also makes it easy for you to maneuver even in places like in the woods. With a sling, the rifle will feel less weighty as compared to when the rifle is in your hands. It will also be more comfortable to carry the rifle even for long distances.

The rifle sling is also a great aid in a shooting. It stabilizes your rifle, helping you aim at a target better. This will help you become a great shooter.

Choosing the Right Rifle Sling

Rifle slings come in different sizes, makes and categories. These rifle slings include a one-point sling, a two-point sling three-point sling, a carry strap, a shooting sling and a patrol sling.

The one point sling is perfect for people in a war zone or when you intend to have your rifle ready for shooting at any time. The sling does not get in your way, and it keeps your rifle in one place. 

The shortcoming of this rifle sling is that you need to support your rifle as you go on with your activities; otherwise, the rifle flops and hangs, and it will keep hitting your knees and legs making it uncomfortable to move around.

The two rifle sling lets your rifle hang without flopping loosely. Your rifle will not get in the way of your knees and legs as you walk around. This rifle sling is also perfect for long shots. You can also adjust the rifle sling to suit your desired length.

This rifle sling also has its downside, and sometimes, it is too tight and uncomfortable on the shoulder.

The other rifle sling is the three-point sling the three-point sling is one of the most used rifle slings among soldiers. It is similar to the two-point rifle sling in most of its aspects. The difference is that it is longer, and it holds the rifle better. It works perfectly in short distances. This rifle sling is also quite accurate when aiming and hitting a target.

However, the rifle sling has its disadvantages, it is complicated to use especially for first-timers. It also interferes with the gun when shooting and aiming.

 A carry strap is also one of the most popular rifle slings; it attaches the front and back of your rifle beneath the stock. This sling is also padded to alleviate any discomfort when carrying a rifle. This strap is commonly used only to carry the rifle and not for any shooting purposes.

Shooting slings are slings that also aid in the carrying of a rifle. Additionally, they can be used to enhance steadiness and enable you to focus on your target better. The sling anchors your rifle into your body and supports your arm correctly during shooting.

Patrol slings are slings that are meant to keep the rifle on a shooter’s front side. They offer support and makes it easy to carry a rifle on the front. They are also perfect when you need to attack abruptly where you do not need to pull your rifle from the back.

Threading a Rifle Sling

What to look out for when using a rifle sling

Hen dealing with a rifle sling you need to be careful since the wrong usage of the rifle sling may also cause harm. Some of the hazards to look out for are:

  • The type of rifle and the environment in which you are using the sling rifle. Ensure that you use the sling rifle with the right rifle. Avoid overloading it at all costs.
  • Avoid damaged or worn-out rifle slings at all costs.
  • The slings storage, ensure the rifle slings are stored in a safe place and avoid using the rifle slings for other activities.

How to thread the sling on your rifle

To thread a sling on your rifle, you need tools like

  • Power drill
  • Drillbits
  • Tape measure
  • Tape
  • Loctite
  • Hammer
  • Paper towel

With these tools now, you can get ready to sling your rifle.

First, you mount your rifle on the vise. To do this, you place your gun upside down. The trigger should be facing up. To ensure the rifle fits perfectly, you can use some padding. The padding also ensures that your gun is not scratched or dented.

The next step will be taking the measurements. Taking measurements is important since different rifles vary in size. When taking the measurements, you will determine where you want your front swivel and your rear swivel. The front swivel should be 0.75 inches in front of your left hand.

After you have made the measurements and marked the desired positions, you can go ahead and drill. There should be two screws. One screw is shorter than the other. The shorter screw is meant to be for the front swivel mount.

The next step will be drilling the fore-end. When drilling this part, you need to be very careful since it involves drilling wood. Make sure the wood does not crack, and ensure you don’t droll to dip. You drill to a depth of about 3/8″ or less.

The sixth step involves drilling the rear hole. Just like the previous step, make sure you are careful when drilling. Drill to a depth of ¾ inches in the stock.

The next step involves installing the screws. You put the screws in the holes and also make sure the small washers are installed. Twist the screws with a screwdriver to tighten them up. You can also pour a few drops of Loctite on the screws before tightening them to ensure they stay for long.

The last step is swivel and sling installation. To install the swivel, you loosen the knob on the swivel’s side, push it on the inside, and twist it to open. To attach the swivel to the screw, reverse the process.

Here’s a video by GrovTec Inc. on how to thread a rifle sling on a rifle –


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, a sling rifle is one essential tool you need when handling a rifle.  To have your rifle sling properly threaded, you need to have all your tools in place and follow the instructions to the latter. Different rifles come in different sizes, and also, the slings are of different makes. Some rifle slings are better used in war zones; others are perfect for carrying a rifle or hunting activities. Get a sling that serves your purpose correctly to avoid frustrations.

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