Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope Review

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It is important  to aim accurately in a time to shoot a moving object. Whether you are in a hunt or playing shooting sports, you need a riflescope that can quickly aim the target and gives the best chances to hit it on a close quarter. The red dot sight is known for quick shooting ability and wider field of view for a movable target.  It also gives you the flexibility and portability to move fast with the rifle.

Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope Features

The flexible illuminated scope, then you may have a look at The Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope. Let us discuss about the features, advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Unlimited Eye Relief with Maximum Flexibility

The Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope comes with maximum eye relief for the shooter. You do not need to look closely to aim at your target. You can lock it with the red dot and shoot to hit it accurately.

You just need to bring it close enough to aim the target. This relieves pressure from your eyes and gives you the flexibility hit multiple short distant targets within a quick session.

Built-in Sensors for Adjusting with the Condition

Mueller Quick Shot Rifle ScopeOne of the important features of The Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope is the auto brightness sensors. The two sensor, which are located in front of the rifle scope can detect the lighting condition and adjust the brightening automatically.

If you are in a dark area, then this scope will provide you perfect sight with adjusting the brightness. Most of the other quick-shot scopes can be adjusted manually, where this excellent product will do that automatically.

Excellent Optical Performance in Different Lights

Along with the automatic adjustment sensors, there is a reticle brightness controller with the product. If you are in a dark condition or in a daylight condition and want to adjust the brightness manually as like other Red dot sights, this feature will help you to get perfect brightness of the dot.

There are ten different settings for brightness. If the target area is shadier or brighter than the area of the shooter, then these setting help you to overcome the sight problem.

Strong Construction for Long-Term Usage

Most of the users have praised about the strong construction of the Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope. The body is made with sturdy material, which will remain the same after years of usage.

It does not matter where you use this scope, the lens and other features will work flawlessly in rough or rainy condition. The built quality is excellent for such a cheap priced scope.

How Would You Compare This Scope to Tube Red Dots With a Similar Price?

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The Ten brightness settings will give you the capacity to hit the targets that are in different light conditions.


  • Gives you proper eye relief and flexibility for continuous shooting
  • Auto bright sensors will ease your pain by adjusting the brightness automatically
  • Excellent eyesight with sturdy built quality
  • Comes at a cheap price


  • Some consumers had problems with the automatic brightness feature

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the recoil problematic for Bushmaster Carbon 50? Would it Nullify the Zero?

A: The riflescope should not make life difficult for the Bushmaster users. It works great when used with AK-47, Rugar 22/45 and other rifles.

The manufacturers mention that the scope is meant to be used on par with shotguns. So, people shouldn’t have any problems while using it with Bushmaster Carbon rifle.

Final Verdict

You just need to give it sometimes to get used to the auto function of this outstanding riflescope. With some great features, brightness settings and excellent optical performance, the Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope easily stand out from the other within the price ranges.

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