S02 ZOS Hunting Tactical Rifle Scope Review

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S02 ZOS 10-40x60 Hunting Scope

Whenever you go for hunting, shooting sports, or any professional assignment that involves guns.

Whenever you go for hunting, shooting sports, or any professional assignment that involves guns. you will often need a best riflescope for your rifles to solidify the aim.S02 ZOS 10-40×60 Hunting ScopeESF R6 Mildot Tactical Riflescope can just be the one you are searching for.


S02 ZOS 10-40×60 Hunting Scope Features

This riflescope is packed with amazing features and advantages that will interest pro-hunters, gamers and shooting enthusiasts alike. The best thing is, this riflescope comes at a low price.

So, without much talk, let us analyze the features and benefits of the riflescope. Here is the Best Part of S02 ZOS 10-40×60 Hunting Scope ESF R6 Mildot Tactical Rifle Scope Review.

Mildot Means Accuracy

S02 ZOS 10-40x60 Hunting Scope ESF R6 Mildot Tactical Rifle ScopeS02 ZOS 10-40×60 Hunting Scope means accuracy. The materials used are top notch in quality. S02 ZOS features the unique multi-coated optics function. You will also have a sun-shade with it. There is a side focus equipped with it to give the users clearer view of the situation.

If you are planning to go on varmint hunting or even on long range shooting activities, this riflescope should be your constant companion. The Riflescope meets all the guidelines that come along the US Quality Standard.

Comes With Multi Coating

Coated lenses serve you well than non-coated lenses. If you are a pro-hunter or a shooter, you will know that coatings improve the light transmission within lenses.

So, if your lens has Multi-coating done on your lens, the Riflescope will perform better automatically. There is etched Mil-DoT Reticle on the glass to help you aim better of course.

Durable Construction

S02 ZOS 10-40x60 Hunting Scope ESF R6 Mildot Tactical Rifle ScopeYou will need ample light inside the Riflescope to see your targets better. The Manufacturers of S02 ZOS 10-40X60 Riflescope makes sure you get a great product. The riflescope has 30mm Mounted Tube, which allows the maximum amount of light to enter via the lenses and in the process, you get better chances of seeing your targets clearly.

You can even have adjustment options available for your Mounted Turrets. The adjustments will allow you to have Parallax Correction done with the riflescope. Along with these, get elevation adjustments and windage corrections done to get a perfect shot through the Riflescope.

Technical Advantages

Mildot Tactical Rifle Scope

The Exit Pupil ratio of this Riflescope is one of the best in the market. It is 6-1.5. The field of view you get is 100 yards at best. So, it is good for mid-ranged hunting as one would expect.

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  • It is a tactile Riflescope having Mil-Dot.
  • Meant for Vermin Hunting
  • It is fogproof, shockproof and waterproof to provide the users best experience of things.
  • Eye-relief ratio is longer than its competitions in the market.


  • Some of the users mentioned that this Riflescope gives you clear vision upto 25X of Magnification process.
  • You will have to take the shot quickly without waiting too much as some of the consumers noted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does it come with a Sunshade?

A: No it doesn’t. The package only comes with a riflescope, a cloth to clean the tool and a manual.

Q: What is the Minimum range of the Rifle?

A: You can shoot an object at 20 yards at its minimum settings. It will aid you while shooting at an object at 300 yards when you maximize the settings.

Final Verdict

This product has received good feedback from the people who are using it. It gives you a powerful alternative to all those riflescopes that claim so many things yet hardly deliver. It is a mid-ranged tool, and is worth every penny you spend on it.

The Promises S02 ZOS 10-40×60 Hunting Scope ESF R6 Mildot Riflescope will be a good buy for anyone who’s looking forward to having a good time with a rifle.


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